Bec Heinrich

Growth & Transformation Leader | Deloitte Greenhouse®

Bec Heinrich

555 Mission Street

Suite 1400

San Francisco


United States


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Bec is the US Deloitte Greenhouse Growth & Transformation Leader and focuses on identifying and scaling new market-making activities and driving innovation. This work includes new initiatives around social impact, purpose, and sustainability and harnessing the power of ecosystems and alliances. Bec is also responsible for the six US Greenhouse Teams in Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, and San Francisco. These teams design and facilitate strategic conversations to help executive-level Government and Commercial clients grapple with complex organizational challenges. Challenges include organization re-design, strategic alignment, mergers & acquisitions, marketplace innovation and disruption, digital transformation, scenario planning, talent, emerging technologies, leadership, and culture. Bec herself has led more than 200 experiences.

Bec Heinrich