Christopher Linde

Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Christopher Linde

901 East Byrd Street

West Tower, Suite 820



United States


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Christopher serves as a managing director of agile and cloud modernization with Deloitte Consulting LLP. In this role he brings perspectives and approaches that simplify technology and organizational transformations. His techniques uncover the most powerful opportunities for disruption and leverage new technology solutions to support the modernization of today’s complex client structures. It's a perspective that has evolved and sharpened over the twenty-five years he’s spent designing solutions for some of the world's most technology-centered enterprises, including leading global financial institutions and insurance firms where technology is the foundation of the service delivery model.

Christopher’s holds degrees in Math, Computer Science, and MIS, giving him a well-rounded understanding of the interrelated dynamics of technology and business. His early career began working to save an airline from bankruptcy. The impressions and leanings that were molded there shaped a career focused on streamlining operations, simplification through automation and technology, and short cycle delivery of solutions to remove complexity. Today Christopher applies these perspectives to help organizations reimagine themselves at every step of the cloud journey.

Christopher Linde