Daniel Ferrante

Managing Director | AI & Data Strategy and Analytics

Daniel Ferrante

30 Rockefeller Plaza

41st Floor

New York


United States


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Dr. Ferrante received his Master's & Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from Brown University. He was a Sloan-Swartz Fellow to explore the application of physics, mathematics, and engineering principles to neuroscience as a path to better understanding the mind/brain relationship. He held appointments at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Syracuse, and Brown Universities. Dr. Ferrante founded SFL Scientific in 2015, which was acquired by Deloitte Consulting in October of 2022.

AI strategy, scaling and value realization across the value chain, data monetization and new business models, outcome-based business transformation and IP-driven POCs, help to discover potential value, design for scale, operate and improve, aggregating talent, processes and technology.

Daniel Ferrante