Jane Rohrs

Washington National Tax | Federal Tax Accounting (Periods, Methods, and Credits) Group

Managing Director | Deloitte Tax LLP

Jane Rohrs

1299 Pennsylvania Avenue

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United States


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Jane’s areas of specialization include income and expense recognition, capitalization, amortization and depreciation, accounting method changes, and accounting periods. She is a former staff member of the Joint Committee on Taxation where she assisted members of the majority and minority parties in both houses of Congress on domestic tax legislation.

Jane has served as chair for the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Accounting Tax Methods & Periods Technical Resource Panel and was on the editorial board of The Tax Advisor. She is a frequent author on accounting method issues and is a co-author of Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Portfolio, “Principles of Capitalization”, No. 509.

Jane received her BA from the University of Utah and her MPA from the University of Texas.

Jane Rohrs