Jesse Goldhammer

Managing Director

Jesse Goldhammer

555 Mission Street

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Jesse Goldhammer is a managing director in Deloitte’s cyber security practice and leads the firm’s Trustworthy Institutions initiative. Jesse is deeply committed to the safeguarding of public and private sector data, networks, systems, and people from a wide range of cyber threats. He is equally passionate about designing solutions that help organizations to achieve prosperity and the public good by building trust with employees, stakeholders, customers, and citizens. Jesse specializes in helping clients build new cyber and trust capabilities using cutting-edge technologies.

Jesse was previously Associate Dean of Business Development and Strategy at UC Berkeley’s School of Information. Prior to joining UC Berkeley, Jesse was a principal in Deloitte Consulting’s innovation business unit, Doblin, where he designed strategies and innovative programs for US government agency leaders who wanted to operationalize new technical and analytic capabilities.

Jesse earned a BA in social science from UC Berkeley, an MA from New York University in politics, and a PhD from UC Berkeley in political science. An accomplished instructor, author, and speaker, Jesse has written articles and given presentations on a variety of cyber- and trust-related topics.

He is also co-author of Deviant Globalization: Black Market Economy in the 21st Century (Continuum Publishing, 2011).

Jesse Goldhammer