Mandy Hwang

Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory

Managing Director

Mandy Hwang

1111 Bagby St.

Suite 4500



United States


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Mandy is a managing director in Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory. She has extensive data management and analytics experience in assisting clients during their significant business events across industries for more than 20 years. By exploiting data and technologies, she focuses on building sustainable and efficient end-to-end processes that include identifying data sources in scope, preparing scattered data to construct a data repository, profiling, and probing data to detect inconsistencies and outliers, and performing advanced analytic procedures to provide meaningful insights for decision-making.

She is also specialized in building workflows to facilitate the reconciliation process and to track events throughout the claim lifecycle. As a certified fraud examiner, Mandy leverages her technical skills in data with domain knowledge in fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) to serve clients in many large and complex fraud investigations and claims administration management projects.

Mandy Hwang