Rebecca Thorkildsen

Legal Business Services

Managing Director | Deloitte Tax LLP

Rebecca Thorkildsen

111 S. Wacker Drive

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United States


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Rebecca is a Managing Director within Deloitte Tax LLP’s Legal Business Services where she leads CLM Legal Managed Services and functional consulting. She brings more than 20 years of experience in legal management and technology consulting, and within that, nearly 10 years of experience solutioning contracts managed services.

She has extensive experience guiding contract lifecycle management transformation not only within legal functions, but also working within the broader context of enterprise contracting transformation. She has helped clients to achieve mission critical business objectives such as reduction in contract value leakage and improved contract performance as the result of contract cycle time reduction, contract data transparency and improved cross-function and cross-business collaboration.

She specializes in technology-enablement of the contract lifecycle and can provide deep insights on the use of AI, automation and enterprise CLM systems. Her lengthy background in legal technology systems and processes help clients’ legal functions easily integrate into broader enterprise contracting processes without compromising on legal and risk mitigation objectives.

Rebecca Thorkildsen