Richard Levine

Legal Business Services

Managing Director | Deloitte Tax LLP

Richard Levine

7900 Tysons One Place

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United States


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Richard is a managing director in Deloitte Tax LLP’s Legal Business Services practice. Legal Business Services leverages Deloitte’s global multi-disciplinary approach to provide innovative solutions across the legal function. Richard works with legal departments and law firms on developing solutions aimed at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of legal services delivery and creating a competitive business advantage.

Richard has more than 20 years of experience assisting clients with process enhancement and digital initiatives through outsourced services and technology programs.

He brings extensive legal department experience on initiatives involving resource enhancement, process efficiencies, governance, shared service centers, and business measurement. He has worked on matters in areas including contract management, supply chain optimization, risk and compliance, regulatory change, and legal entity management.

Richard Levine