Sharon Thorne

Deloitte Global Board Chair

Sharon Thorne

1 New Street Square


United Kingdom


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Sharon Thorne is the chair of the Deloitte Global Board of Directors. She is an advocate for collective action on environmental sustainability, and has long championed Deloitte’s ambition to achieve higher representation of women in leadership globally. Thorne has more than 30 years of experience auditing and advising clients across a broad range of sectors, including extensive experience serving as lead audit partner for FTSE-listed clients and coordinating services around the globe. In addition to a number of executive roles, Thorne has spent more than three decades on boards including as chair. She is a current member of the A4S Advisory Council, the Social Progress Imperative board of directors, the World Economic Forum platform for Shaping the Future of the New Economy and Society stewardship board, and the Shanghai International Financial Advisory Council.

Sharon Thorne