Virginie Henry

Science of Relationships Program Leader

Virginie Henry

901 East Byrd Street

West Tower, Suite 820



United States


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Virginie is the Science of Relationships program leader within the Deloitte Greenhouse®, which helps leaders and their teams disrupt ordinary thinking, bring clarity to decision-making and reveal new opportunities for growth. As part of this role, she develops the strategy and oversees a team that conducts research and develops new content and workflow embedded tools to help reimagine and reignite relationships at work. 

With a background in strategy and law, Virginie brings more than 15 years of experience helping corporations and other entities (e.g. startups, foundations) in Europe and the Americas bring their ideas to life. Prior to her role, she spent over a decade in the Monitor Deloitte strategy practice driving corporate strategy projects and senior executive development, and several years innovating various aspects of Deloitte’s Executive Accelerator programs including overseeing new space strategy and next-generation physical immersive space design.

Virginie Henry