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We believe that to be an undisputed leader in professional services, we should equip you with the resources that can make a positive impact on your well-being journey. Our vision is to create a leadership culture focused on the development and well-being of our people. Here are some of our benefits and programs to support you and your family’s well-being needs. These benefits apply to US Delivery Center and Project Delivery Model personnel.

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Empowered well-being

Deloitte is committed to providing support and assistance throughout the major milestones of your life. Whether you are starting a family or pursuing a passion we provide multiple benefit program offerings to address your unique career and life needs to assist on your well-being journey.

Paid time off and holidays

PTO gives eligible professionals the flexibility to manage time off in a way that works best for them. Deloitte’s PTO program gives professionals an allotment of days that encompass vacation, personal, and sick time. Eligibility and actual PTO accrual will depend on the professional’s benefits.

Rewards and recognition

Deloitte’s Rewards and Recognition program rewards individuals and teams who have made unique and outstanding contributions above and beyond the normal expectations of their position, and which support Deloitte’s strategic priorities.

Life and family

Parental Leave

Eligible professionals with at least six months of prior service (most recent and continuous) with the Deloitte U.S. Firms, as of the date of the event, who plan to return to work after the birth or adoption, are eligible for two weeks of paid parental leave to bond with a new child. This is in addition to any short-term disability benefits payable.

Emergency Back-up Dependent Care (adults and children)

This service can be used when you need to be at work and your child or adult/elder care is unavailable. Care is available for infants through teenage children and adult relatives of Deloitte personnel , up to a maximum of 30 days per employee per fiscal year.

Pet Insurance

Deloitte understands that for some, pets are another member of the family. To help cover the cost of health care for your pet, Deloitte offers a pet insurance program — at a special discount for U.S.-based professionals. From routine office visits to significant medical incidents, the Nationwide Pet Insurance provides protection for pets when they need it most. Depending upon the options you choose, your pet’s policy can include coverage for a range of conditions related to: illnesses including cancer, routine medical care including vaccinations, de-worming, spay/neuter, and more. Policyholders are free to use any licensed veterinarian anywhere, even while away from home.

Medical, dental, and vision

Deloitte’s healthcare offerings include competitive medical, dental, and vision plans. Multiple national medical plan options are available. In general, each plan provides:

•100% coverage for in-network preventive services including well-child (e.g., immunizations), well-woman (e.g., mammogram, Pap smear), and well-man (e.g., prostate testing)

•Access to quality care through national provider networks

•Prescription drug coverage

•Protection against the cost of catastrophic illness or injury

•The ability to see a specialist without a referral

The dental plan provides access to in-network and out-of-network providers and coverage for major dental work. The dental benefit also includes three dental cleanings per year, with no deductible, paid at 100% of reasonable and customary charges. Deloitte also offers a discount vision benefit at no cost to the participant, as well as a voluntary vision plan that allows participants to elect additional coverage. 

Before-tax programs

FSAs and HSAs

•The health care flexible spending account (HCFSA) helps eligible plan participants set aside money on certain health care expenses — such as eligible medical, dental, and/or vision care expenses not paid by a Deloitte plan — for themselves or their eligible dependents through contributions made to an HCFSA account before-tax. Deloitte’s HCFSA also offers a debit card that allows immediate access to FSA funds when used at participating providers.

•The dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA) allows participants to set aside up to $5,000 from their before-tax pay for eligible dependent care expenses.

•Participants in the High Deductible Health Plan offered by Deloitte may be eligible to establish a Health Savings Account (HSA). Contributing to an HSA provides an opportunity to build a personal fund to pay for current and future qualified health care expenses — tax-free. Similar to an individual retirement account (IRA), money is put away before-tax, investment returns are tax-sheltered, and distributions for qualified health care expenses are tax-free. And HSA participants can also elect to participate in a Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account, another way to save on eligible vision, dental, and preventive care expenses.

Before-Tax Transportation Program

The Before Tax Transportation program allows participants to set aside pre-tax funds to cover qualified parking or commuting costs.

Life insurance and disability

Deloitte offers a range of insurance and disability coverage to help protect eligible professionals and their families from the financial impact of unforeseen circumstances.

•Life Insurance includes core coverage for our professionals. Optional life and accident coverage can be purchased for professionals and/or their eligible dependents.

•Business Travel Accident (BTA) Insurance is provided at no cost to the participant.

•Short and Long-Term Disability (STD and LTD) coverage is available to protect your income should you become disabled due to illness or injury. In addition to the core LTD coverage provided by Deloitte, you may choose to purchase additional coverage, should you feel you need it.


Deloitte offers a 401(k) savings and investment plan to eligible professionals, designed to help participants accumulate wealth in a tax-effective manner. Some plan highlights include:

•Contribute on a before-tax 401(k) basis or alternatively on an after-tax Roth 401(k) basis directly through payroll

•A diverse choice of investment options. Professional investment advice options are available to help you direct your contributions based on your needs and preferences.

•Make the most of Deloitte’s employer 401(k) match formula  — $0.25 per dollar on the first 6% of eligible pay you contribute, for personnel  with at least 60 days of service at the end of the plan year. 

•The plan allows participants to take a loan while actively employed.

Matching contributions are 100% vested after four years of service.

Additional benefits

Deloitte’s benefit offerings also include:

Live Well Program: Helps professionals and their families deal with life challenges of any kind in total confidentiality. The Live Well team of professionals and clinicians can provide one-on-one counselling, confidential support, and guidance to help you reach your goals.

LifeWorks®: Provides assistance for choosing care or services and obtaining referrals to community programs. This program also offers resources including publications on a variety of parenting, education, and aging issues.

Student loan refinancing and personal loan solutions*: Are offered through multiple voluntary programs, which may allow eligible participants to combine their existing private and federal student loans into one loan, consolidate credit card debt, or pay off high interest debt by obtaining a personal loan. Welcome interest rate discounts or a welcome “bonus” may be available for eligible participants. Independence restrictions may apply.

*This program is offered through a restricted entity and independence policy may prohibit participation for certain individuals. Professionals with a Tracking & Trading requirement should pre-clear the lender prior to obtaining any loans through this program.

Long-Term Care: Voluntary coverage that helps protect you and certain family members from the high costs associated with an extended nursing home stay and home health care services.

Discount purchase program: Provides professionals with access to discounts at thousands of online retailers and hundreds of local restaurants and merchants, including offers that are exclusive to Deloitte professionals.

Group Legal Plan: Voluntary coverage that enables you to receive a comprehensive set of personal legal services from a panel of participating law firms or from your own attorney.

Employee Personal Umbrella Liability program (PUL): Increases your personal liability limits by supplementing your primary insurance on a wide range of personal liability exposures such as residences, autos, watercraft, recreational vehicles, pets, swimming pools, etc.

Identity theft and credit monitoring service: Provides credit reports, scores, and alerts, Internet fraud monitoring, and identity fraud resolution services.

Military Leave program: Includes differential pay and is part of Deloitte’s commitment to our military professionals

•And more!

Benefits described here are examples of benefits currently offered by Deloitte but any benefit for which you may become eligible will be governed by the terms and conditions of your employment and by the terms of each individual plan document. Deloitte has the right to change plan terms (including eligibility for benefits) or to discontinue any part or all of the benefits described herein at any time. Certain roles and employment positions within Deloitte and its affiliate entities may not be eligible for all or some of the benefits described in this document. Please consult the individual plan/program documents for specific benefit and eligibility provisions, based upon the terms of your employment with Deloitte. 

No general explanation can adequately provide all the details of each plan. This general explanation does not change, expand, or otherwise interpret the terms of any plan. If there is any conflict between the plan documents and this description or any written or oral communication by an individual representing the plans, the terms of the plan documents (as interpreted by the plan administrator in its sole discretion) will be followed in determining the rights and benefits under each plan.

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