Deloitte Analytics

Deloitte Analytics

Organizations of all sizes are seeking to master, monetize and measure their use of data. Deloitte’s business analytics specialists look inside this data to help create and refine strategies for delivering data-driven insights that yield informed and differentiating business decisions.


Meet Tom Davenport

Tom Davenport, a world renowned thought leader and author in the area of analytics is now an independent Senior Advisor to Deloitte U.S.

Case studies

A case for proactive pricing

Deloitte helps a multi-national food and beverage company develop an enterprise-wide strategic pricing framework, bolstering the value and impact of product.

Case studies

Data analytics lead to transformative, decisive action

Deloitte pairs its vast industry experience with a unique, unbiased approach to analytics, turning everyday information into useful and actionable insights for decision makers.

Case studies

Anticipate to succeed—leading predictive analytics

Combined with traditional management tools, Predictive Project Analytics gives Deloitte clients the ability to track, predict, and understand the real-time status and risk of any project during all stages of the project lifecycle.


The three-minute guide series on analytics

 Read now to learn more about how analytics can help deliver deeper insights that can pave the way to more effective decision making.


Putting business analytics to work

In this video series, get a quick hit of practical thinking on business analytics along with insights from the front lines.


The insight economy

Big data matters – except when it doesn’t

If you are trying to determine whether big data is a big distraction or if it should be a cornerstone of your strategy, this guide is for you.


Deloitte Analytics

Our business analytics specialists look inside data to help create and refine strategies for delivering insights that yield informed business decisions.


University Relations Program

Deloitte is collaborating with select universities to discover and mentor the next generation of analytics talent.


Analytics Answers

Deloitte’s Analytics Answers are fraud-focused solutions that can help identify patterns and anomalous behaviors hidden deep inside.

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