2014 Russian oil & gas outlook survey

This publication details the findings of our annual survey of oil and gas executives in the CIS region.

The survey is focused on sector and individual company performance, along with prospects for business development in the short and long-term.

Despite the positive dynamics of demand for hydrocarbons and the current tendencies of industry development, in 2014 the majority of companies in the Oil & Gas sector are not likely to see any changes to their core asset portfolio. This is one of the findings of the eighth annual Russian Oil & Gas Outlook Survey, which was conducted by Deloitte CIS professionals and included an opinion poll for executives and top specialists from state-owned and private companies in the sector. The survey helped recognize the interim results of the work of the entities in the sector, the results of their ongoing activities and the potential for industry development in the forthcoming year.

2014 Russian Oil & Gas Outlook Survey
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