TMT Predictions 2014


Прогнозите на Делойт за развитието на ТМТ индустриите за 2014

Научете какво предстои в развитието на Технологиите, Медиите и Телекомуникациите за 2014 г.

Това, което прави Прогнозите уникални, са методологията и задълбочената перспектива в резултат на стотици разговори с лидери от индустрията и десетки хиляди интервюта с потребителите по целия свят

TMT Predictions' objective is to identify critical inflection points we believe should inform industry strategic thinking, and to explain how we think these will manifest over the next 12-18 months for companies in Technology, Media, Telecommunications (TMT), and other industries.

TMT Predictions 2014

Technology - TMT Predictions 2014

Explore the future in Technology: Sales of smartphones, tablets, PCs, TV sets and videogame consoles set to exceed $750 billion; What can we expect in wearable computers and other new device form factors? The emergence of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and how will faster broadband boost online healthcare: eVisits? 

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Media - TMT Predictions 2014

Explore the future in Media: Pay-television—cord cutting or increased subscriptions? Increased accuracy in measuring television viewing including viewership on devices; The continuing growth in value of premium sports broadcast rights; A growth story in recorded music performance rights set to exceed one billion dollars, and how use of satellite links impact the growth of ‘cordless’ video-on-demand (VOD) in countries with low bandwidth?

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Telecommunications - TMT Predictions 2014

Explore the future in Telecoms: Short messaging services vs. instant messaging? Phablets a $125billion market led out of Asia; Smartphone penetration set to rise in the over 55 group, and the costs of ‘ruggedized’ data devices is set to decline.

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