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Climate change is not a choice. It’s billions of them.

In Canada, our vast natural resources place us in a unique position to take positive climate action. That's why we're committing to impact that matters against climate change. We recognize change starts within.


Deloitte has launched WorldClimate—our global strategy to address climate change by driving responsible climate choices within our organization and beyond. It aligns with action needed to achieve SDG13, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal on climate action, and the world’s goals agreed to in the Paris Agreement under a 1.5°C scenario.

Deloitte must set and meet higher standards for itself, including achieving net-zero emissions by or before 2030, ahead of the 2050 timeframe set by the Paris Agreement. We will also connect with others, empowering our professionals and engaging our broader ecosystem to create solutions that facilitate the transition to a low carbon economy. We believe the future of our people, planet, and profession depends on the business community taking measurable, decisive action on climate change. This is what our stakeholders and our professionals expect of us, and it’s what we should expect of ourselves as responsible global citizens.

The opportunity to create a more sustainable world is at our collective fingertips. Our actions make a difference, no matter how large or small.

Our commitments:

Net-zero by 2030

We commit to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by or before 2030 for our own operations. But what about our action? Here’s a few ways we’re going to make it happen:

  • Reducing our business travel emissions 50% per full time employee by or before FY2030 from FY2019 levels
  • Sourcing 100% renewable energy for our buildings by or before FY2030
  • Engaging with our major suppliers with the goal of having two thirds of them (by emissions) adopt science-based targets
  • Investing in meaningful market solutions for emissions we cannot eliminate

Operating green

We recognize we must align our climate policies, practices, and actions across our organization. We’re doing this by:

  • Designating a senior leader to be responsible for climate in Canada and Chile and creating a sustainability office for accountability
  • Embedding climate-smart considerations into decisions on office operations, real estate, and investments
  • Prioritizing discussion of climate change on executive agendas

Empowering individuals

Making an impact on the climate crisis not only relies on what our business does, but on the individual decisions we make each day. We will engage and educate our people on climate change impacts - decisions about what they consume, use, buy, or how they travel - we will enable our people to make positive climate choices at home and at work, which in effect can influence others in their personal networks.

Engaging ecosystems

We will collaborate with clients, alliance partners, non-governmental organizations, industry groups, suppliers, and others to address climate change at a systems and operations level.

Take our WorldClimate quiz to learn more about how you can take action against the impacts of climate change.

Discover how our climate action services could create value for your business or organization.

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