Corporate Responsibility

We aspire to make a positive, enduring impact on our clients, our people, and the communities in which we live and work. We promote the highest levels of ethical conduct, advance our culture of innovation, and aim to spark critical thinking around sustainable behaviour and resource use.

Our desire to make an impact every day for our organization and its stakeholders requires that:

  • We serve clients with quality and distinction
  • We inspire our people to deliver value, through mentoring and developing future leaders and life-long colleagues
  • We contribute to society by building confidence and trust in the markets, upholding integrity of organizations, and supporting our communities
  • We lead the profession by challenging ourselves to do what matters most and delivering innovative ideas that reflect our unique capabilities

We invite you to explore our corporate responsibility commitment as demonstrated across four primary pillars below.

Connect to our highlights report to learn about our accomplishments in these areas in 2017

We believe that business has a responsibility to influence positive social outcomes. We’re increasingly applying our professional skills and knowledge in addition to our resources to drive impact. Our approach includes individual engagement, strategic partnerships with community organizations, and affecting system-wide impact at the community ecosystem level.

Deloitte is proud to support community organizations in Canada through donations and in-kind services. We give our time and professional skills to help our community partners address their challenges, just as we do for our clients.

Our people give generously to our annual United Way workplace giving campaign. United Way is an active agent in community betterment and it matches our geographic footprint in over 55 office locations across the country. Enthusiastic teams of campaign volunteers support their communities through fun activities such as office golf, lunch and learns, and more.

Please note that Deloitte does not accept unsolicited donation requests.

Social progress happens when talented people with a strong sense of purpose use their collective brainpower to make an impact that matters. Impact Day is our national day of service, when our people across Canada apply their professional skills and talents to benefit community agencies. Examples of Impact Day projects include participating in hackathons and design-thinking workshops, “speed-mentoring” new Canadians, and delivering in-school Junior Achievement programs.

Advising the Community Together (ACT) brings together junior consulting professionals at Deloitte who are willing to donate their time and talents to youth-focused, not-for-profit organizations. The engagement process mirrors that of any other client work, and projects are overseen by senior firm consultants. This popular volunteer program offers valuable career development benefits to participants as well as the opportunity to help a worthy organization.

For those seeking a truly immersive experience, our international development fellowship offers longer-term skills-based volunteering positions in developing nations for weeks or even months.

For more than 150 years, Deloitte has devised effective business solutions for clients and helped shape the face of Canadian business. More and more, we are applying our business acumen to tackle broader social challenges—and in so doing, also helping shape the future of Canada as a nation.

As a leading professional services firm, we believe we have an obligation to mobilize our resources—including our most valuable asset, our people—to create positive societal outcomes. Through cultivating strategic community partnerships, we’re helping to advance innovative solutions to some of the most pressing social challenges facing Canada beyond 150. We believe that today's innovative solutions cut across the traditional boundaries separating governments, non-profits, businesses, and social enterprises.

At the international level, scaling impact is the aim of Deloitte’s global social innovation cross-border initiative, in which pairs of member firms from different regions collaborate to tackle a challenging social issue. Current bilateral projects not only support non-profit organizations around the world but also enable the transfer of knowledge across borders.

Our people are at the centre of everything we do at Deloitte. We strive to be a leading destination for top talent, and are deliberate about driving forward a differentiated talent experience. This includes an intense focus on developing Canada’s best leaders, providing access to challenging and meaningful work, advancing our inclusion agenda, and continually innovating the way we work.

We view ourselves as more than a professional services firm: We are a leadership development firm, committed to the growth of our people from the onset of their career at Deloitte.

This starts with Deloitte University (DU) North, our leadership development centre that bridges real-world experience and learning to invest in the leaders of the future, today. As a destination for clients, key market constituents, and talent, DU North provides a distinctly elevated learning experience.

Beyond DU North, we are committed to the development of our people through facilitating access to meaningful opportunities for them to make an impact that matters with their clients and in their communities. This is elevated through our newly reinvented performance management system, which reinforces a coaching culture and allows our people to build on their strengths every day.

We believe inclusion is not only a talent imperative, but also a business and market imperative. We are dedicated to fostering an environment in which all our people feel they’re able to bring their whole selves to work and contribute fully.

To build this environment, we think holistically about inclusion and ensure that it’s deeply embedded in how we attract, engage, and develop talent. We’re dedicated to accelerating the development of inclusive and diverse leaders through strong sponsorship programs and the continued evolution of a bias-free meritocracy.

We believe that to truly make an impact that matters with respect to inclusion, we must play a strong external role as well. To that end we have partnered with key external organizations with mandates in diversity and inclusion, and are currently working hand-in-hand with them to advance the dialogue around inclusion in Canada.

We’re focused on continually innovating the way that we work, providing engaging, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary workplace destinations for our people, our clients, and our communities. We call this our Orbis strategy, which was first introduced in Sherbrooke in 2012 and has since reached Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, St. John’s, and Langley.

Our Orbis strategy provides more flexibility and choice to our people, allowing them to work how, when, and where they want. The new offices also reflect our ongoing commitment to inclusion and wellness. Removing barriers gives each individual the space to contribute their unique skills in an environment that adapts to their work and their needs. Additionally, our Recharge centres in Montreal and Toronto emphasize the importance of both physical and mental well-being.

Deloitte promotes sustainability efforts across the firm, and helps clients transition to sustainable business models.

Our continuing shift to a paper-light work environment is facilitated by electronic records systems, smart-board technology, and cloud printing. Sustainability considerations are integrated into our purchasing and procurement process across categories such as coffee packaging, non-disposable cutlery, and energy-efficient electronics. We are tracking a decrease in our reliance of off-site paper records storage thanks to our electronics records management system, reducing not only paper use but also the greenhouse gasses involved in transport. Our secure shredding service providers share our aim to use resources more efficiently, and provide us with annual reports on our tree-saving efforts.

Our Orbis workplace strategy integrates design and sustainability. In our newest offices, sustainable behaviour is encouraged by lessening the reliance on disposable items and introducing a three-stream waste disposal system. Responsive lighting helps to save energy. And along with reducing the number of printers, providing dual monitors on desks and laptops with annotation software helps break the habit of printing.

As we transform our office space, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification is a priority. Deloitte’s national headquarters in Toronto, the Bay Adelaide Centre East tower, is certified LEED® Platinum. It features a green roof, sustainable building materials, water-efficient plumbing fixtures, and an Ecozone parking area that accommodates a variety of green vehicles and bicycles. Deep-lake water cooling helps to reduce the property’s natural resources consumption.

La Tour Deloitte in Montreal is the first major office project in that city to achieve LEED® Platinum certification. The tower features energy-efficient lighting and cooling systems that help reduce overhead costs and emissions.

We believe the business community has a key role to play in encouraging society as a whole to adopt more sustainable behaviours. Our Climate Change and Sustainability practice applies our unique integrated systems approach across the areas of governance, workplace, workforce, supply chain, operations, products, and information technology to help organizations make the connection between sustainability and economic performance. We draw on the extensive experience of our risk management, consulting, financial advisory, tax, and audit professionals to drive a client-centric approach to creating economic, environmental, and social value.

Our objective is to be the market leader in our field, delivering unique value to our clients with quality and distinction while upholding our commitment to ethics and integrity in all aspects of our work.

We believe that having a solid foundation of ethical principles and business practices is essential for sustaining the trust of our clients, capital markets, and the public at large.

Our ethical principles define the behaviours expected of the firm's partners, professional staff, and support staff. Together with firm policies and the professional/regulatory requirements by which we are governed, these form the basis of our Code of Conduct which was developed to help our people maintain the highest standards of professional and business practice. Compliance with our Code of Conduct is a condition of employment for our firm's members, which reflects the importance we place on personal integrity and ethical behaviour.

The Code of Conduct encompasses 12 principles of business conduct, which is aligned with the principles defined by the Deloitte Global network. These commitments illustrate the core expectations our stakeholders can have of all our people, across all firms of the Deloitte network.

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Professional behaviour
  • Competence
  • Objectivity
  • Confidentiality, privacy, and data protection
  • Fair business practices
  • Social responsibility
  • Respect, diversity, and fair treatment
  • Professional development and support
  • Anti-corruption
  • Responsible supply chain

We foster a culture of quality and professional excellence in everything we do, with a strong commitment to transparency and professional integrity.

One of the ways Deloitte demonstrates these traits is by having a dedicated quality and risk management (QRM) function, led by a managing partner who reports to the Quality and Risk Committee of our Board of Directors. QRM is operationally responsible for leading the overall quality, objectivity, transparency, compliance, and integrity of the services that we deliver. QRM focuses on the following key areas:

  • Internal quality control system: Our firm has implemented policies and practices to foster a culture based on quality at all levels of our work – service and enterprise-wide. Each of our core services has a dedicated quality and risk leader who implements service-related quality assurance and risk management practices.
  • Independence: One of the most visible demonstrations of Deloitte's integrity is our commitment to independence in providing services to our clients. Our firm has implemented policies and practices to ensure our firm and practitioners are free of any influence, interest, or relationship that may (or may appear to) impair our professional judgment and objectivity in providing services to our clients.
  • Risk management: We have established an enterprise risk management framework covering all aspects of our business, including client acceptance and service delivery, talent management, and operations.
  • Internal audit: Our internal audit function provides assurance to the Board of Directors on the effectiveness and operation of the firm's risk management practices and processes and its system of internal controls.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and our people is a business imperative that is embedded in the work we do. Our privacy and confidentiality programs focus on compliance with Canada's privacy legislation, client confidentiality, and regulatory requirements, and includes customized confidential information programs, risk mitigation strategies, and an incident-response management process aligned with Canada's privacy commissioners.
  • Compliance: Procedures are in place to ensure compliance with our internal policies, and regulatory and professional requirements including those related to anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, and Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, among others.

Download our latest transparency report to learn more about Deloitte's governance processes, ethical principles, and quality-control procedures.

Global impact

Across the global Deloitte network of member firms, our people are involved in initiatives aimed at solving the most challenging social issues of our time. Reaching across borders, Deloitte colleagues apply their skills to scale social innovation to address such issues as the global refugee crisis and supporting the social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The 2016 Global Impact Report features the many ways our organization makes an impact that matters–for clients, for our people, and for society.

Indigenous impact report

Learn more about Deloitte’s Indigenous practice and our commitment to Indigenous communities across Canada 

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Sarah Chapman

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