Canada’s AI imperative:
Public policy’s critical moment

Artificial intelligence (AI) prosperity means that AI improves business productivity, government effectiveness, and Canada’s future. It means using AI to advance Canadian values like fairness and a reasonable expectation of privacy while protecting our rights, such as freedom from discrimination. And it means making sure that Canadians who are negatively affected by the transition to an AI economy are protected and offered new opportunities. It means building a world where Canadians and Canadian businesses understand, trust, and use AI throughout their everyday lives.

Achieving AI prosperity depends on public policy leadership. Our report identifies three action areas for such prosperity, describes the foundations needed for AI-driven growth and success, and sets out recommendations for government and business to achieve them.

Read Public policy’s critical moment to learn more.

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Achieving AI prosperity for all Canadians

Canada needs to take a broader approach to achieve and preserve AI prosperity, one that addresses the full set of conditions needed to stimulate an AI economy, respond to social change, and mitigate risk.

Fuel the AI
for change
Mitigate risk,
build trust
Canadian competitiveness depends on making a rapid transition to an AI economy, in which businesses have fully integrated AI into their operations and strategies.
Widespread AI adoption will fundamentally change how Canadians work. We need to better equip Canadians for a changing labor market and prepare them for an AI-driven world of work.
Canadians worry AI could deepen problems such as bias and inequality. To earn citizens’ trust in AI, strong public policy action is needed to ensure algorithms built in Canada for Canadians are transparent and accountability is clear.

Read the full report to learn how to make AI prosperity a reality for all Canadians.

Canada’s AI imperative series

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to be one of the leading economic drivers of our time, and Deloitte believes Canada has a responsibility to be a global leader. As a country, we have the research strength, talent pool, and startups to become a leading AI supplier, but that’s not enough if we truly want to lead in an AI-driven world. Our ambition as a nation should be to shape what that world will look like. True leadership is required―that means taking steps now to establish a world-class AI ecosystem in Canada. Deloitte’s multi-part series on Canada’s AI imperative provides a platform on which to engage business and policy leaders about what it will take for our country to claim a global leadership position in AI and to explore different dimensions of what an AI prosperity strategy could look like.

Explore the first report from our series: From predictions to prosperity

Explore the second report from our series: Overcoming risks, building trust

Canada’s AI imperative: Start, scale, succeed

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