The Pathfinder

Sophisticated, unpredictable threats. Overstretched budgets. Data and privacy concerns. Operational inefficiencies. Government and civilian defence organizations have a minefield of challenges to navigate in today’s disruptive geopolitical, economic, and technological environment. The Pathfinder can help.

The Pathfinder article series explores the top challenges facing Canada’s defence and military leaders , providing them with the information, confidence, and flexibility to move forward. The articles are a mix of original Canadian-specific issues as well as Canadian perspectives of pieces from the best of Deloitte’s global network.

How can leaders in the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces maximize the value of all the data at their disposal? How can they transform their infrastructure portfolio, catapulting their military bases from mid-20th century to mid-21st century installations? How can they most effectively use limited resources and avoid losses from waste, abuse, and fraud?

The Pathfinder series addresses such challenges head-on. This list will grow, so bookmark this page for future reference.




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