Technology fast 50 winners 2023


Congratulations to the 2023 Technology Fast 50 program winners!

Meet the latest winners of the Technology Fast 50TM program, ranked in the following categories: Technology Fast 50, Clean technology, Enterprise—Industry Leaders and Companies-to-Watch. Recognizing the world-class achievements of Canadian technology companies, the Technology Fast 50TM program highlights their commitment to innovation, leadership, and rapid revenue growth.


This year’s thriving cohort of Technology Fast 50 program winners has delivered outstanding revenue growth despite prevailing uncertainties in the economy and marketplace, says Anders McKenzie, partner, and national leader for the Technology Fast 50 program at Deloitte Canada. With their bold vision for the future, impactful technologies, competitive drive, and passion for pushing the boundaries, these companies are paving the way as catalysts in their respective sectors and delivering growth and value to the Canadian economy both at home and beyond. It is truly inspiring to see how they not only improve today’s world, but also shape tomorrow’s.

– Anders McKenzie

Technology Fast 50

The Technology Fast 50 category ranks Canada’s fastest-growing technology, media, and telecommunications companies by revenue-growth percentage over the last four years of operation. Topping the charts of the Technology Fast 50 category with a growth percentage of 16,910% is Dapper Labs, Inc., a Vancouver-based company that uses blockchain technology to bring NFTs and new forms of digital engagement to users around the world.

Enterprise—Industry Leaders

This category recognizes fast-growing enterprise-level technology, media, and telecommunications companies by revenue-growth percentage over their last four years of operation. Alphawave Semi, a Toronto-based company who offers high-speed connectivity for the world’s technology infrastructure, earned the #1 ranking in this category with an impressive growth percentage of over 1547%.

Clean technology

The Clean technology category awards Canada’s top clean innovators providing processes, goods or services that reduce environmental impacts, ranked by their revenue-growth percentage over their last four years of operation. Convrg Innovations Inc. claimed the highest spot this year with a remarkable growth percentage of 6,000%. Located in Calgary, Convrg Innovations Inc. devotes itself to eliminating methane emissions from pneumatic devices at on- or off-grid locations.


The Companies-to-watch category ranks Canadian technology companies with the potential to be future Technology Fast 50 category candidates by their revenue growth percentage over their last three years of operation. With a whopping growth percentage of 81,732%, the top spot in this category belongs to Neo Financial, a Calgary-based fully digital fintech company revolutionizing banking and payment infrastructure in Canada.


Annual survey highlights from Technology Fast 50 program Executive Leadership survey

According to Deloitte Canada’s annual survey of Technology Fast 50 program executives, attracting and retaining a qualified workforce remain primary business challenges among Canada’s fastest-growing companies. Of the respondents, about one in four (24%) say labour market is the most significant issue they face, followed by concerns over technology advancements (17%) and new competition (17%). On a more positive note, this year’s Technology Fast 50 program winners have a positive perspective about Canada currently having the highest immigration rate (as a percentage of existing population) of any G20 country. Sixty-three per cent of respondents agree that this influx has a strong or moderate positive effect on the talent availability in the sector.

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