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Welcoming working parents

Make Deloitte part of your journey as a working parent

At Deloitte, we understand that balancing parenthood and a career can be challenging, and as a firm we are committed to supporting our people before and after childbirth and in their new role as parents going forward. Moreover, balanced family commitments have an important impact on achieving gender equality in businesses.

At Deloitte, we offer the following benefits to our employees:

Duration of leave:
  • Maternity leave of 26 weeks: 16 weeks at full remuneration, and 80% for an additional 10 weeks
  • Paternity leave: 10 days
Part-time entitlement: 
  • Flexible working framework for all employees, including open policies for remote working, working part-time, taking additional holidays and career breaks
  • Ability for all employees to transition to 80% - regardless of your grade or service line. A pensum for working parents less than 80% is also possible upon agreement with a line manager.
Increased flexibility in exceptional situations:
  • Deloitte now fully covers crèche fees in cases where part-time working parents have to change their working schedule on short notice due to business reasons.
  • When a child is sick, working parents are entitled to three days paid leave per ‘incident’.

Additional parental leave: Working parents are also entitled to one week of additional unpaid leave per year on top of their regular paid leave (as well as other Deloitte unpaid leave schemes) to allow them to navigate through school holidays more easily.

Adoption leave: Deloitte professionals adopting a child (does not apply to the adoption of children already living with the mother/father in a family relationship) are entitled to the same benefits as biological parents.

Coaching programmes: Deloitte offers individual and group coaching for expecting and new mothers and fathers as well as for line managers of working parents to help everyone transition into the new life situation.

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At Deloitte we need to remain as flexible as practicable as an employer.

Becoming a parent is opening a new chapter in life: It is always interesting to see how people grow and develop through this experience. What I have learned is that at Deloitte we need to remain as flexible as practicable as an employer in such times as each situation is different and people have very different approaches to parenthood.

It is clearly a win-win if we as a firm and each of us as individuals are accepting of our people’s personal decisions and do our best to provide an environment to accommodate their important life changes.

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Jackie Hess, Service Line lead Tax & Legal

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To be honest, I never thought it was possible to work part time in a client-facing role.

I work four days a week so I can spend one day at home with my son, and I have never had the impression that working part-time poses a problem. In fact, my team leader supports me and does everything she can to put me on projects that do not require travel or long commutes. As I have full flexibility as to when and where I work, I can go home early to be with my family and continue to work from home if necessary. Of course, unexpected situations do come up every now and again. Just recently, an important meeting was called on very short notice for the project on which I’m currently working. Although it was on my day off, I was still able to arrange an additional day at the crèche and Deloitte was happy to cover the costs.

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Susann Blumenschein, Consulting

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