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Training Programmes

We make an unwavering commitment to developing our talent

Deloitte is in business to deliver innovation, smart business solutions, and support the success of our clients. To achieve these goals, skilled people and inspired leaders are a requirement. That is why, whether you join Deloitte after university or following years of work experience, a wealth of learning and development opportunities will help you take the steps you need to excel.

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Induction programmes

As soon as you start, you receive several tailored and informative introductory training session and will be assigned a personal counsellor who is experienced and will help you to navigate the tasks required for an effective start with us.


Technical learning programmes

Technical learning programmes ensure that you develop the “tools” for your role and maintain the knowledge base required in your particular part of the business.  

Skills training courses

Behavioural skill training courses dedicated to specific levels and industries will help you develop your personal qualities and skills you need to carry out in your particular part of the business.

Management and leadership development programmes

Management and leadership development programs cover topics such as management, coaching, communication and sales, and presentation techniques. They will help you develop your skills as a manager and leader.

We additionally assist you in other educational programs such as the Swiss Audit and Tax Academy, ACCA or Master of Taxation or other professional education appropriate to your role by providing you with generous support in terms of time and finances. 

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