Deloitte "Pass the Torch" Student Mentoring Program Graduation Booklet (2016-2019)

Deloitte "Pass the torch" Student Mentoring Program, launched in 2009, provides Hong Kong secondary school students with mentoring and extracurricular learning opportunities, whilst building strong interpersonal skill and a positive, healthy life attitude. Ultimately, enlightening students and brightening their paths. This commemorative book reflects what has been achieved in the past three year of this mentoring program.

This program is created to ignite hopes and dreams. For what our student graduates have learnt and experienced in the past three years, they should have better self-understanding and willingness to explore what they truly passionate about in life. We witness their growth and hope to see how they continue to be radiant and brighten those around them; and that is the spirit of Deloitte "Pass the Torch" Student Mentoring Program.

(Bilingual version)
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