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Deloitte Wins 2022 ‘Digital Innovation of the Year’ for its Omnia ESG Module at the International Accounting Forum and Awards

Deloitte’s cutting-edge Omnia ESG Module allows our professionals to easily evaluate and benchmark client disclosures against leading global standards.

Publish date: 6 September 2022

Key takeaways

  1. Deloitte wins the coveted innovation award for the third year in a row.
  2. Deloitte Omnia’s ESG Module is a comprehensive and structured framework, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), to help address multiple standards, dueling disclosure frameworks, and rising regulator expectations.
  3. The Deloitte Omnia ESG Module is part of a near term $1 billion investment in client-related services, data-driven research, and assets and capabilities focused on sustainability.

Deloitte Omnia’s ESG Module, which uses advanced technology capabilities to effectively bring together four key phases of the environmental, social, governance (ESG) reporting and assurance process (materiality assessment, topic mapping, disclosure management, benchmarking), has been recognized as the “Digital Innovation of the Year” at the 2022 International Accounting Forum and Awards in London. This marks the third consecutive year Deloitte has garnered top honors by the International Accounting Bulletin for delivering innovative and disruptive technologies. It also marks the fifth time Deloitte has won the award overall.

Organizations are facing global challenges when it comes to meeting internal commitments and regulatory responsibilities around ESG requirements. Deloitte’s innovative platform helps professionals provide ESG reporting readiness, benchmarking, and assurance services with quality and agility at scale — from priorities, to frameworks, to disclosures. With a committed focus on people, the planet and prosperity, Deloitte’s Omnia ESG Module helps cut through the confusion of varying standards and regulations, allowing companies to focus on what matters to stakeholders, confidently report and mitigate risk.

Our materiality assessment dives deep to pull together critical information to pinpoint top ESG priorities for our client’s stakeholders before machine learning helps map a disclosures assessment — turning an onerous reconciliation into a data-driven decision-making process. Deloitte’s disclosures checklist organizes the various ESG standards for streamlined evaluations, and our proprietary disclosures database helps benchmark against peers, identify gaps, and create additional insights. Tasks typically handled by multiple individuals across numerous channels are streamlined, offering an improved process with high-quality reporting and assurance services.

"We're extremely honored to receive this recognition by the International Accounting Bulletin, for our continuous commitment to innovation and transformation. We will pursue to create more solutions that accredit our clients to manage their ESG reporting goals through trust and transparency, making an impact that truly matters" said Rossana Ley, Deloitte China Audit & Assurance Leader.

In April, Deloitte announced a near-term $1 billion investment in client-related services, data-driven research, and assets and capabilities focused on sustainability. Deloitte is dedicated to serving clients as they redefine their strategies, embed sustainability into their operations, and meet tax, disclosure and regulatory requirements. For years, Deloitte has been at the vanguard helping accelerate transformation of their organizations and value chains. In addition, Deloitte recently launched the Deloitte Center for Sustainable Progress which brings dedicated knowledge focusing on broad, result-oriented thought leadership, data driven analysis, and accountability reporting to guide organizations through their sustainability journeys.

"Organizations must be ready to respond to current and future challenges. If sustainability and ESG issues are not effectively managed, they may have a negative impact on organization's operational performance and resilience. We are leading with technological innovation to help our clients with materiality assessment, disclosure strategy, gap analysis, and business goal alignment around sustainability" said Martin Hu, Deloitte China Sustainability and Climate Change IVP Assurance Services Leader.

In the previous two years, Deloitte’s Omnia Trustworthy AI Module, which provides high-quality algorithm evaluation technology, and Omnia DNAV, a digital cloud-based solution that revolutionizes the audit of securities, investments and funds, won the award.

"In order to help our clients enhance their capabilities to manage the end-to-end ESG reporting and assurance process, we’ve seen great opportunities and benefits to bring in advanced technologies to enable key phases. Omnia, our NextGen service platform, will empower the users with superior advanced analytics, big data manipulation, and AI to facilitate efficient and painless data access and analysis of huge data sets so that we’ll be able to provide insights on business trends and relationships that otherwise would not have surfaced. Our commitment to innovating is real and enduring. From analytics to artificial intelligence and beyond, we will continue to deliver greater value to our stakeholders especially in critical areas such as ESG" said Collin Jin, Deloitte Asia Pacific and China Audit & Assurance Innovation Leader.

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