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Sustainability and ESG Services

Environmental, social, and governance advisory, reporting, and assurance

The foundation of business is changing rapidly, creating new risks and new opportunities. We can help companies integrate ESG within their business and provide transparency on sustainable performance and value.

We've done it, again: Deloitte wins 2022 Digital Innovation of the Year award

Deloitte’s Omnia ESG Module was named Digital Innovation of the Year by the International Accounting Bulletin at The International Accounting Forum and Awards 2022. This is the third consecutive year that Deloitte has received this award. It comes at a time when Deloitte is building upon years of sustainability experience including an investment of $1 billion in client-related services, data-driven research, and assets and capabilities.

The Omnia ESG Module is an insight-fueled platform that helps professionals provide ESG reporting readiness and assurance with quality and agility. Its materiality assessment function pulls together critical information to pinpoint top ESG priorities to stakeholders. Machine learning tools help map a disclosure assessment, turning an onerous reconciliation into a data-driven decision-making process. Our disclosures checklist organizes the various ESG standards for streamlined evaluations and eye-opening insights.

Through it all, we benchmark. Powered by a proprietary data lake, our technology creates a database of disclosures to help us identify gaps and create additional insights.

With the Omnia ESG Module, our professionals advise, evaluate, and assure with new speed and perspective. It provides:

  • A singular experience that brings together tasks once handled by multiple individuals across numerous channels
  • Leading-edge technology solutions that reduce manual processes and let us and our clients focus on quality including what matters most to stakeholders
  • Data-driven insights that widen our view of client’s ESG disclosures

Deloitte’s Omnia ESG Module works to cut through the confusion of competing standards and differing regulations to drive quality, trust, consistency and insights.

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The time for ESG is now

The pace of societal change and environmental impact has increased dramatically, and companies are experiencing the financial and economic impacts of changing stakeholder expectations. As a result, if sustainability and ESG issues are not effectively managed, they may have a negative impact on a company's operational performance and resilience.

Telling your sustainability story

Companies are now operating in a hyper-transparent world where environmental or social vulnerabilities can surface rapidly—and directly impact corporate performance. Against this backdrop, transparency can be a tool to promote resilience and adaptability when a disruptive environmental or social event occurs.

We help our clients embrace transparency and deliver the information stakeholders need to make decisions. 

Wherever you are on the sustainability journey, we can tailor our approach to help you prioritize, integrate, and disclose to promote stakeholder trust and value.

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Kristen Sullivan

Kristen Sullivan

US Sustainability and ESG Services Leader

Kristen B. Sullivan is a partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP and leads Sustainability and ESG Services, working with clients to help address their sustainability and non-financial disclosure strategy n... More

Jenny Lynch

Jenny Lynch

Sustainability and ESG Services Partner

Jenny is a partner in Sustainability and ESG services. Her primary areas of focus include sustainability strategy, readiness, reporting, and assurance, environmental health and safety (EH&S), climate ... More

Tricia Montague

Tricia Montague

Sustainability and ESG Services Managing Director

Tricia has nearly 30 years of experience with Deloitte serving both public and private companies in the financial statement audit space. With the growing emphasis on Sustainability and ESG services, s... More

Christine Robinson

Christine Robinson

Sustainability and ESG Services Partner

Christine is a partner in Sustainability and ESG services. In her current role at Deloitte, she assists companies with assessing the environmental and social impacts of their business and supply chain... More

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