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Accountability today for a sustainable tomorrow

For more than 175 years, companies have counted on Deloitte’s Audit & Assurance professionals to help them adapt to changing business environments, build stakeholder trust, and thrive long term. As ESG (environmental, social, and governance) expectations reshape today’s economic landscape, let us help you transform your sustainability objectives into measurable impact.

Facing ESG priorities head on

Stakeholders today know that your business is inseparable from the environment it operates in and the society it serves. They expect your company's actions to align with their ESG priorities. They demand proof that you can meet the moment now, with more equity, transparency, and trust. Not just because it's right for business—but because it's smart for business. And consumers are paying attention.

Exceeding expectations with accountability and reporting

In a survey of senior executives, 97% said that external stakeholders have the most influence on a company’s ESG reporting and disclosure policy. These stakeholders understand this work is much bigger than a simple tick-the-box exercise. Because it’s about business fundamentals. It’s about risk and opportunity. It’s about strategy and company performance and unlocking future value. And investors want to know how you’re taking action.

Boosting capabilities to deliver on your commitments

Between rising expectations and new global regulatory developments, many business leaders are feeling the pressure. In fact, 82% of senior executives believe they will need additional resources to generate ESG disclosures that meet the information needs of critical stakeholders. Deloitte meets you wherever you are in your ESG journey, so you can make a significant and immediate impact. And that matters to top talent.

Our services and solutions are rooted in

Award-winning ESG innovation

For the third year in a row, Deloitte has taken top honors at the International Accounting Forum and Awards 2022. Omnia's new ESG Module was named the International Accounting Bulletin's Digital Innovation of the Year.

The Omnia ESG Module is a data-fueled platform that helps professionals transform insights into impact. The technology behind our award-winning ESG solution allows us to advise, evaluate, and assure with speed and perspective.

With this innovative tool, we can work together to cut through the confusion of competing standards and differing regulations to drive transparency, performance, and quality.

Experience Omnia

Putting innovative services and solutions to work for you

Deloitte's Audit & Assurance Sustainability and ESG Services team helps organizations make immediate, significant progress in ESG integration, reporting, and accountability, transforming their sustainability objectives into measurable impact.

Insight-driven resources to help inform your approach to sustainable accounting

Connecting you with the leaders who can help you create a more sustainable tomorrow

Deloitte's Audit & Assurance Sustainability and ESG Services team is well-versed in managing and exceeding stakeholder expectations.

Find your local contact

Kristen Sullivan

Global Audit & Assurance Sustainability and Climate Services Leader
+1 203 708 4593

There are a confluence of factors highlighting why a sustainable tomorrow is critical to create today. It’s come much more to the heart of business strategy—accountability as a mechanism to instill and drive a credible strategy measurement practice, and ultimately, a level of transparency that can help unlock value into the future.

Lee Ballin

Sustainability and ESG Services Managing Director
+1 212 653 6682

There is a wide spectrum of ESG maturity, and companies are in various stages of integrating ESG strategy into the DNA of the company. We advise and engage to meet organizations where they are and to help them pursue their biggest opportunities.

Jenny Lynch

Sustainability and ESG Services
+1 312 486 2788

How do you really drive a consistent disciplined adherence to integrating this into the business? Governance. That’s where the equity piece shows up very prominently, because you really start to understand the intersection of E, S, and G.

Tricia Montague

Sustainability and ESG Services Managing Director
+1 402 444 1879

With decades of building trust through rigorous transparency, we help clients gain credibility with customers, stakeholders, and investors. Our robust ESG team features data scientists, technologists, and professionals with nontraditional backgrounds and experiences who bring unique insights to the equation.

Christine Robinson

Sustainability and ESG Services Partner
+1 801 366 6839

Backed by the breadth of Deloitte’s leading capabilities across the spectrum of ESG, we are strategic advisers, helping clients make holistic, informed decisions about their ESG strategies and investments across the organization.

Jon Raphael

National Managing Partner,
Sustainability, Transformation and Assurance
+1 212 436 5363

As companies rise to meet the moment, they will likely need the right mix of skilled professionals, streamlined processes, and dynamic technology to address stakeholder expectations for high-quality ESG disclosures that instill trust.

Connect with us to learn more about Audit & Assurance Sustainability and ESG Services.

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