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Audit & Assurance

How can we help you?

Our specialists provide a range of audit and advisory services to assist you in managing your risk and improving your business performance.

With our experience in local and international laws and regulations, we can assist you with the all-important obligation of meeting applicable reporting requirements. Our audit specialists examine your financial statements and accounting records to give you an independent opinion on reports to shareholders, directors, trustees and others. Our traditional role as Auditors also puts us in an ideal position to build up a clear understanding of your business, enabling us to help you identify the major risks and opportunities in your strategies and activities. Additionally, we provide financial statement reviews, fact-finding reports on financial information, capital verification assurance, business operation assessment, and reporting services for foreign exchange and special purposes. 

With state of the art technology, our professionals deliver efficient and cost effective audit solutions to you.

Deloitte's state of the art, audit tool, Engagement Management System, supports all phases of the audit process including planning, executing, reporting.

Our services

Going public?

If you are thinking of taking your company public, we will give you an initial assessment of your readiness to do so and assist you in upgrading management capabilities. As your Reporting Accountants, we help to submit audited statements and accounts in compliance with listing requirements. At the pre-listing stage, we can play a pivotal role in assisting you with approaching sponsors and underwriters, and in providing consultation and advice in your negotiations with them. 

Financial reporting in Mainland China

China has made significant progress in harmonising Chinese accounting standards with IFRSs. Deloitte has been engaged as consultants to help the MOF develop a body of Chinese Accounting Standards in line with accounting and financial reporting practice used internationally.

Financial reporting in Hong Kong

Learn more in our accounting news update and a series of Deloitte publications to deal with the application of the HKFRS and IFRS.

Advisory in audit

We provide a broad spectrum of services to help our clients make greater impact on strategy formulation and execution including accounting advisory, event consultation, finance transformation (FinanceCare) and regulatory advisory.