Deloitte Propel

A cloud-based accounting and analytics services for ambitious startups and fast-growth SMEs

Empowered by best-in-class technology, Propel not only delivers accounting services for start-ups and SMEs with seamless processing, but also provides a real-time dashboard for proactive monitoring of performances, and a range of advisory support to better plan for tomorrow.

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Key Benefits

Through Propel, you gain access to Deloitte's professional expertise, extensive network, best-in-class curated technology, and full range of advice, guidance and support to help your organization grow:

How it works

  1. Digital Bookkeeping
    Make data processing and transfer easy by utilizing smart phone apps and robotics, ensuring data stayed up-to-date
  2. On-the-Go Support
    Manage financials using cloud accounting software which you can access any time (and with us on speed dial for any assistance)
  3. Real-time Monitoring
    Deliver real-time insight via personalized dashboard so that you can proactively monitor your business (e.g. cash, sales, KPIs, etc.)
  4. Effortless Compliance
    Deliver a quick turnaround of monthly management reports and cover all compliance essentials, including annual accounts

How we can help

Our two standard packages are designed to cater for the different stages and requirements of a business and are available on a flexible and affordable subscription. Our pricing varies upon factors, including but not limited to the package you choose, nature and volume of your business, and the additional bolt-on services requested.

Meet the Team

Ted Ho

Ted Ho

Partner, Audit and Assurance

Ted is the advisory in audit - financial service industry Leader. He has extensive advsiory and audit experiences in securities and asset management (mainly hedge and private equity funds) industries.... More