Life at Deloitte

Life at Deloitte

Learning and development

Many opportunities to thrive and grow

As a Deloitte graduate, your personal development is just that: personal. We build your development program around who you are and how you learn as well as your abilities and ambitions. We offer many different learning and development options, starting with one-to-one mentoring all the way through to courses run by our learning division, the Deloitte Institute. There’s a lot of choices, but you’ll be guided and inspired by experts as you start on a lifelong learning journey.

You can’t make an impact on your own

Advice and feedback from your mentor and teammates will play a big part in your development. Your mentor in particular will be a real support on your learning journey. Together, you’ll set your learning goals and plan your career. And because your mentor will be an experienced professional, they’ll be able to inspire you to achieve your ambitions. You’ll have development goals based on your role, level and business function, but it’s the path you lay with your mentor that will shape the leader you become.


Thousands of opportunities to grow

Thanks to the Deloitte Institute, you can make the link between your performance review and next-step training with just a few clicks. As well as over 13,000 E-Learning courses, you’ll have access to a range of web-based training in addition to classroom training enrolment. Some will help you develop as part of the firm while others will grow your specialist skills. And all of them count towards your learning target.

Learn by connecting with us

Not all development is planned out ahead of time. One of the best ways to learn is by doing your job and making an impact on live projects. At every stage, you’ll be guided, challenged and supported by experts who will happy to share their knowledge with you. We even have an online portal where you can connect with colleagues and tap in to the many and varied experiences.

Inspiring future leaders

Our Manager Development Program inspires the next generation of leaders. This program hones innate talents and abilities while developing top-tier business skills and knowledge. It accelerates leadership ambitions and is designed to train managers for today while developing the capabilities needed to lead and succeed in future.

Deloitte University

We’re always looking for new ways to learn. Which is why we opened our own corporate university in Singapore. Focused on growing leaders at every level, Deloitte University builds the skills you need to deliver excellence for our clients. We have universities like this all over the world, so the training you get here is the same as that in Texas, Belgium, Hyderabad and beyond. Together, it adds up to a more inspired global team who are empowered to connect their strengths.



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