Life at Deloitte

Our Culture

Our culture and values define us. They shape our approach to work, our clients, and one other— in all that we do.


At Deloitte China, we empower and encourage staff to embrace their intuition, imagination and intellect—to speak up without fear of derision, and act without fear of failure. Our talent has the courage to be accountable, resilient, and believes in its ability to win. Standing still is not an option for our top clients, and it is only through courage that we can help them adapt and win a changing world.



Our clients must adapt to win out in today's fast-changing business environment. That's why we focus on innovation—in ideas, technology, and all other areas of our work—to ensure outstanding service. Through our innovation platform, technological resources, constant questioning of “old ways” of thinking, and the pursuit and sharing of knowledge, our agility enables our clients to envision and achieve the business models and concepts of the future.



Through diversity and tolerance, we remain true to ourselves and foster collaboration, ensuring we deliver the constant flow of new, original ideas on which our clients depend. That's why we proactively pursue an inclusive culture built on trust, respect, fairness, and common goals. Regardless of personality, lifestyle, background, gender or hierarchy, we believe in “we”, not “I”. If we have mutual respect for one other, our clients will continue to put their trust in us.



Work is not an end in itself. That's why we foster a flexible, supportive environment, giving staff at every level the opportunity to reach their goals both “here” and at home. We proactively encourage our talent to rest and eat well, and contribute to their communities, increasing their sense of happiness. That's because health, happiness, positivity, and optimism are not just good for our talent, they are good for us, our clients, and our business.



At Deloitte China, we are nothing without integrity. That's why we “walk the talk” when it comes to our values and ethics—making them the foundation of our words and deeds. We comply with rules and regulations, but do not shirk from addressing misconduct if it arises, and believe our leaders should be role models not just for us, but for the world at large.

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