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Overseas graduates

Embarking on a career at Deloitte China is a very rewarding opportunity for overseas Chinese students. Deloitte welcomes talent with international experience and valuable local Chinese knowledge and language skills.

From the moment you relocate and arrive at Deloitte China, you'll have the opportunity to tap into this heritage to make your impact.


We serve more than 80% of the Chinese companies in the Fortune Global 500®, rank No.1 in market share for Hong Kong IPO services, and are the audit service market leader for SSE50 companies. You'll serve some of the world's largest, most innovative companies in every industry. Our globally connected network also offers Deloitte talent cross-geography mobility opportunities, and approachable leadership to foster their growth and development.

Are you ready to embark on a rewarding and challenging career at Deloitte China? If you are still overseas and concerned about the assessment process, don't worry; we will help you make alternative arrangements. Check the latest job openings and apply now! You'll be sure to find your perfect fit here – all within a culture that respects the individual.  With Deloitte China, you can go further and do more.

Hear from our overseas graduates on their career journey at Deloitte:

After I graduated from the National University of Singapore, I decided to return to China because I see ample opportunities to unleash my potential. No matter your major, you can always find opportunities to start a career that interests you instead of being limited within your major. Like myself, I am not an accounting major. In my journey, I have gained not only professional knowledge and skills, but also rigorous thinking styles and innovative strategies. Here, teamwork and firm inclusive culture will encourage you to explore areas that you are not familiar with.

Evelyn | National University of Singapore
Audit & Assurance

Global mindset and international exposure during my early years have equipped me with open-mindedness to new ideas and ability in dealing with complexity; gaining strategic perspectives to consider broader implications to business issues and challenges. Most importantly, it enabled me in communicating and collaborating easily with people from different locations, disciplines and backgrounds.   Tips for overseas returnees:  be prepared for reverse cultural shock - prepare for and embrace change for smooth transition.

Renee | The University of Melbourne

Overseas study experience has allowed me to face different stages of work with a more tolerant and open mind. To a certain extent, it has also improved my interpersonal skills and broadened my career development horizons. When I graduated from ANU, I joined Deloitte Financial Advisory team. I think this platform is a very good opportunity to start my career. It can not only give full play to my strengths in the familiar environment in China, but also give myself some career challenges, so I chose to return to China for development.  If you wish to return to China to unleash your potential, my suggestion is to plan early, learn more about domestic employment prospects, and choose the most suitable career development path based on your own advantages and interests.

Blair | Australian National University
Financial Advisory 

In China, the sustainability advisory industry is rapidly growing and will likely become one of the largest in the world. My overseas background gives me the global perspective of viewing, analysing, and understanding today's critical challenges. This is particularly valuable for working in the sustainability advisory industry, where the pool of knowledge is constantly evolving and iterating internationally.

Jarvis | London School of Economics
Risk Advisory

Thanks to my years of overseas study, I have picked up a lot of communication skills and it helps me to adapt to an international environment, especially since it helps me quickly to deal with my international client. I am passionate about Deloitte, as during my internship there, I enjoyed the mentoring culture and the friendly relationship with my colleagues. The inclusive and diverse workplace made me decide to rejoin the family after graduation. After returning to China, we should keep up to look at things from different perspectives and by which it also helps to improve the efficiency of the whole project team.

Bruce | Johns Hopkins University

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