Life at Deloitte

Life at Deloitte

Learning and development

Smart talent development experience to thrive and grow

World-class learning and development experience to thrive and grow

We value you and your unique talent. Your learning and development journey at Deloitte is about getting your best, developing you as the top talent through our world-class learning and development experience. You will aspire and be inspired to thrive for better with our innovative learning solutions.

We offer a Life-time Learning and Development Curriculum to our talent, based on a global world-leading competency framework. The curriculum is designed to grow our talent and foster future leaders through exceptional smart talent development experience.  It includes a suite of competency-based learning and development programs, career milestone programs, high potential development programs, future leader's succession development programs, personal career consultation, coaching and mentoring. 

At Deloitte, you will be able to craft your own learning and development journey based on who you are, what you need, and how you learn. You will have many opportunities to connect with senior leaders within and outside Deloitte network across the globe, learn from Deloitter's life stories and take part in talent development initiatives to inspire the 'next gen' talent.

Develop as a future-ready talent through innovation and technology

We live in a constantly evolving digital world. Our agile, innovative and technology-enabled learning and development solutions help you develop future-ready skills, hot skills, client-centric and digital mindset at a faster speed.  As a pioneer of gamification in learning, we proudly launched our flagship future-ready leadership mobile game "FUTURE GO", specifically designed for Deloitte professionals, to help our talent develop core future-ready capabilities through an exceptional digital learning experience. 

Create your path of success in career

Our Career Milestone Programs boost our talent's leadership ambitions and equip them today with the capabilities to lead and succeed tomorrow. Through these programs, our talent is encouraged to learn new ways of 'thinking' and 'doing' and inspired to lead teams and clients with empathy.

Our Coaching and Mentoring Programs play a vital part in your career development journey.  Our coach and mentor are committed to be your companion to support you crafting the career development plan that shapes your future persona as a leader at Deloitte.

Learn digitally via machine learning curation system

You will be thrilled with the thousands of learning resources easily accessible at your fingertips. Deloitte provides a machine learning curation platform supporting our talent to create personalized digital learning experience. This will change the way you learn and connect you instantly with other talent across the globe through social collaboration. 

Deloitte University Asia Pacific China Campus

Deloitte is committed to developing the world’s best leaders. As part of our investment in our people, Deloitte China is currently working to establish a Deloitte University Asia Pacific campus near Beijing with plans to open this in 2025. Deloitte Universities around the world deliver an exceptional learning and development experience that inspires lasting interpersonal connections, aims to make us stand out in the marketplace, and supports our goal of achieving undisputed leadership in professional services.

The planned Deloitte University Asia Pacific China campus will be distinctly China-themed in its architecture and fit-out. It will help Deloitte grow leaders for the future, assist participants to build world-class capabilities to make maximum client impact, and consistently deliver an exceptional development experience for our people. The campus will provide carefully engineered leadership, development, and guest experiences and adopt innovative learning methodologies. These will provide high quality, experiential learning interventions, help build enduring connections, and reinforce the Deloitte culture through the use of digital and innovative solutions.



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