Life at Deloitte

Life at Deloitte

Learning and development

Unlimited opportunities to thrive and grow

World-class experience to thrive and grow

We value you and your unique talent. Your learning and development journey at Deloitte is about getting your best, developing you as the top talent through our world-class learning and development experience in order to provide world-class experience to our clients, colleagues and community. You will be aspired and inspired to thrive for better with our innovative learning solutions.

We offer a Lifetime Learning and Development Curriculum to our talent, based on a global world-leading learning development framework. The curriculum grows our talent, foster the future leaders through distinctive experience that drives optimal performance.

The curriculum is customized according to who you are, what you need and how you learn. The programs are ranged from personal coaching to an extensive suite of learning programs and development activities. You will be supported and inspired by our learning and development specialists, subject matter experts throughout your lifelong learning and development journey. You will also have opportunities to share your learning and experience to inspire the next generation of talent.


Equip future-ready skill with innovation and technology

We live in a constantly evolving digital world. Our agile blended learning solutions help you to develop the future ready skills, latest market and business knowledge, client-centric and digital DNA mindset at a faster speed with innovative technology-enabled solutions.


Boost up and aspire to be future leaders

Our Career Milestone Programs inspire the next generation of leaders, honing their innate talent and abilities while enhancing business skills and knowledge. The programs boost up our talent's leadership ambitions and equip them today with the capabilities to lead and succeed tomorrow. Through these programs, our talents are encouraged to learn new ways of thinking, and doing.


Coaching to make a successful career journey

Your coach and teammates' advice and feedback will play a vital part in your development. Your coach will be a committed companion to support you crafting the career development plan that shape your future persona as a leader at Deloitte.


Learn digitally via machine learning curation system
You can access your own learning journey and hundred thousands of learning resources within your fingertips. Deloitte provides a machine learning curation platform to our talents for creating their own personalized digital learning experience. This will change the way you learn and connect you instantly with other talents across the globe through social collaboration.


Deloitte University Asia Pacific China Campus

We grow the world’s best leaders at Deloitte University through delivery of an exceptional experience that inspires lasting connections, makes us irresistible in the marketplace, and drives towards undisputed leadership. Deloitte University Asia Pacific China campus, located in Beijing, grow leaders for the future, build world-class capabilities for maximum client impact, and consistently deliver an exceptional development experience to our people. It provides a carefully engineered leadership, development and guest experience. It adopts innovative learning methodologies that provide indisputably high quality, experiential learning interventions, enduring connections with the culture of Deloitte delivered through the quality of digital and innovation, China-theme physical facilities.

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