Steven Feng, China Innovation Program Leader, Partner, Enterprise Risk Service

Life at Deloitte

Steven Feng, China Innovation Program Leader, Partner, Enterprise Risk Service

Talent worth respecting

We value one another as people and professionals. We belong to the same team but contribute varied perspectives based on our own unique experiences. By respecting our differences, we’re able to be our true selves at work, which means happier colleagues and better performances.

“A club where you can share your childcare experiences. A mini speech during lunch. An app that reduces repetitive work and makes auditing easier and a pleasure to work on. These are only a small number of over 1,000 ideas shared by our employees on i-Forum – Deloitte’s online platform where you can submit ideas, make comments, and compete with your colleagues in different innovation challenges ranging from employee engagement to client experience enhancement.

At Deloitte, respect and innovation are inextricably linked. As soon as we start to value your uniqueness and encourage you to be yourself, remarkable things will happen. As early as 2010, Deloitte China's management proposed the construction of innovative planning and committed to build Deloitte as an innovative professional services firm. After several months of internal discussion and system construction, the Innovation Forum was officially launched on January 11, 2011, and this declared the birth of China's innovation plan. Through innovation program, Deloitte China not only listen to our employees, respect for each other's individuality, knowledge and insight, but also put their winning ideas into actions. It is the most recognition that our talents wished.

Deloitte's respect and innovation is rooted in its commitment to creating a dynamic and diversified culture for employees. Working with people of different backgrounds, hobbies, cultures and thinking styles help us to grow into better professionals and leaders. I am an active member of our football club here and this is just one of thriving hobbies available.

If you’re looking to jump-start your own thinking on the most important issues of the day, do what I did and take your first step and join Deloitte. You won’t look back!”  

Steven Feng
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