Practice overview


Step 2: Get to know the Now Consumer

Consumer Insight Platform

Business value

Consumer profiling and segmentation
Provides aggregated industry trend data to executives to ensure they make informed decisions


The Consumer Insight Platform integrates multi-sourced, unique data and applies advanced and sophisticated algorithms to map out the industry trends and consumer dynamics for clients. This will allow our clients to make informed commercial decisions.

The solution taps into the interconnectedness among all data through big data platforms and AI machine learning.


Eric Xue
Deloitte China Financial Advisory Associate Director


Business value
  • Enable business people to have access to comprehensible and actionable data
  • Reduce data maintenance with self-managed and simple models
  • Decrease stock breaks and improve demand forecasting
  • Reduce customer churn rates
  • Increase conversation rates

GUM is a Deloitte built platform which refines big data into variables with a probalistic value which is easier to build simple and effective models with – models which can actually help clients answer business problems.

The 360 degree probalistic models can be created which will allow businesses to better understand their consumers which will in turn optimise the customer journey, inventory  and product list ordering.


Maria Medina


Business value
  • Reduce risk: Monitor 100% of your customer interactions to enhance regulatory compliance and reduce risk, ensuring you protect your most vulnerable customers
  • Transform customer experience: Empower your call agents to deliver an enhanced customer experience by helping them to better understand your customers
  • Deliver efficiencies: Optimise key call centre processes to lower operational costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Benchmark all interactions to promote consistent outcomes for all customers

True Voice is a scalable, AI, voice analytics platform which enables you to listen to how your customers are thinking and feeling across every conversation. It analyses behaviour and emotion on all customer calls including tempo, amplitude, pitch, tone and non-semantic communication. This voice interaction is then combined with additional data sources about the customer to provide a complete customer journey. Embedded machine learning also helps TrueVoice improve each time, providing better, faster insights over time.


Vincenzo Opeka

Deloitte Neuroscience Institute (DNI)

Business value
  • Improve conversion rates and user engagement
  • Drive higher sales volume and margins
  • Improve user experience: DNI helps clients understand how intuitive their products are and identify and mitigate pain points
  • Increase marketing effectiveness: Our methods help clients understand what drives customers’ purchase decisions and how these decisions are influenced by marketing and brand perception
  • Improve brand perception and positioning

Deloitte Neuroscience Institute (DNI) uses a unique neuroconsulting approach that combines neuroscientific methods with the industry experience of our various Deloitte professionals to provide clients with insights on their customers. DNI not only provides unique insights into unconscious decision-making processes but also specific, actionable recommendations to use them to drive business value.


Nadine Galandi