Deloitte and INFINITI reach a partnership on the INFINITI LAB Program

Deloitte and INIFINITI recently formed a collaborative partnership on the INIFINITI LAB Hong Kong 3.0 Program. Themed 'The Future Consumer', the Program provides start-ups with a platform to develop future technologies and business models aimed at enhancing customer experience. The ventures are mentored and advised by leaders and experts from automotive, future of mobility and technology sectors. Moreover, the LAB presents an invaluable opportunity for the founders to develop connections with a broad investor network, as well as to co-develop end-to-end solutions with leading industry players.

"Through participating in the LAB program, start-ups will be provided with access to mentorship from industry executives and experienced experts from Deloitte, INFINITI and Nest, a hands-on investment incubator focusing on scalable consumer businesses in the lifestyle space. With solid experience in serving our automotive clients, Deloitte aspires to support the development of the automotive industry and one important aspect is about improving the technology experience for consumers," said Marco Hecker, Deloitte China Automotive Industry Leader.

"Led by a team of mobility specialists, Deloitte can introduce leading proprietary methodologies and best practices to refine and improve their start-up ideas, and to help them better utilize disruptive technologies, whether it is artificial intelligence, Big Data or virtual reality, to understand customer needs and to enhance consumer experience. More importantly, we hope to assist them in developing customised business strategies that will enable them to stay ahead in the marketplace by achieving innovation and sustainable growth," Hecker added.

Andrey Berdichevskiy, Global Lead Mobility Solutions at Deloitte, led a roundtable discussion on global mobility trends at the INFINITI LAB in Wanchai on 26 Oct 2017. Given the urban challenges faced by cities around the world today, Berdichevskiy shared insights into the industry and ecosystem trends and converging forces giving rise to the future of mobility landscape in China and the world, the disruptive shifts in economic value emerging from transformation of mobility, and the many benefits that optimizing transportation holistically could bring to people and society. He wrapped up by reinforcing Deloitte's commitment to shaping the evolving mobility ecosystem. 

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