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Deloitte to Explore Smart Mobility, Smart Cities, Smarter Asia Pacific at CES Asia 2018

14 June 2018, Shanghai

Deloitte this year will again join CES Asia to present a series of discussions exploring 'Smart Mobility, Smart Cities, Smarter Asia Pacific' on June 14. These events bring together senior executives and experts from traditional OEMs, new energy vehicle and technology companies, mobility solutions providers, intelligent networks, as well as smart city planners and operators, to explore how smart mobility and smart city technology will build a smarter Asia Pacific.

Asia Pacific is being widely touted as a pioneer in reaping the benefits of smart cities on a mass scale - smart cities and smart mobility promise to benefit a vast ecosystem of companies and the people within that ecosystem. We'll be hosting in-depth discussions on the following topics:

  • Smart transportation and its promises: what the future of mobility holds for automakers, technology companies, urban planners and governments.
  • Consumer interest in autonomous vehicles: emerging mobility technologies and business models disrupting traditional value chains.
  • The realities of implementing smart mobility solutions in smart cities and front-line perspectives on partnerships, governance, innovative financing and cybersecurity.

Confirmed Speakers

Guan Hongming



Evan Tahler
Chief Product Officer

(An Airbus company)


Dr. Daniel Kirchert

President and Co-Founder



Mr. Zhu Jiang Ming

Founder and CEO



Hao Fei


Banma Network Technology

Chen Wei

Principle, IoT Research Institute

China Mobile


Frank Wang

Vice President of Advanced Safety and User Experience Asia Pacific



Hans Lippert

Director, Digital Business

AUDI China


Yang Lizhi

Director, Smart Cities

Huawei Technologies


Simon Dixon

Global Transportation Leader



Dr. Marco Hecker

China Auto Sector Leader & Future of Mobility Leader



John Hung

China Industry Program Leader



Clare Ma

China Public Sector Leader & Smart City Leader



Andy Zhou

China Consulting Partner





Additional speakers will be added once confirmed.


10:30-11:00 AM

Grand Shanghai Ballroom 1, Level 3, Kerry Hotel

An automaker’s view on smart mobility

The impact and opportunity smart mobility represents for the automotive sector includes everything from capital investment to new business models. Listen to senior executives from the automotive industry share perspectives on how to approach a world of highly-connected, electrified vehicles operating under diverse business models.

11:05-11:45 AM

Grand Shanghai Ballroom 1, Level 3, Kerry Hotel

Implementing smart mobility in smart cities

Smart mobility represents one of the most important benefits of smart cities, yet the practicalities of implementing the concept are complex. In this session, a panel of experts representing multiple smart mobility and smart city initiatives will present their recommendations and advice for others exploring similar opportunities.

11:50-12:30 PM

Grand Shanghai Ballroom 1, Level 3, Kerry Hotel

Are consumers ready for autonomous vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles offer a number of benefits, but where does the technology stand today? Are consumers ready to reap its benefits? Listen to leading automotive executives discuss the current landscape of autonomous technologies and share their views on prospects for mass consumer adoption.

14:15-15:15 PM

Grand Shanghai Ballroom 1, Level 3, Kerry Hotel

Connected vehicles operating in connected ecosystems

Connected vehicles operating in connected ecosystems offer new possibilities as they seamlessly communicate with one another and the infrastructure, consumers and world around them. Listen to this panel explore the challenges, opportunities and other aspects of connected vehicles operating on streets across Asia Pacific.

15:20-16:00 PM

Grand Shanghai Ballroom 1, Level 3, Kerry Hotel

Exploring the promise of smart cities

Listen to senior leaders operating in the smart cities realm share their perspective on a future where virtually everything in urban corridors is connected through a cohesive ecosystem of smart mobility, healthcare, education and more, all to the benefit of tomorrow’s city dwellers.


CES Asia 2017 conference venue: Kerry Hotel-1388 Huamu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.


To join our sessions, please be sure to register in advance at CES Asia's official site.


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