The Best Managed CEO Lab

Best Managed Companies (BMC) program

An immersive, one-day experience that helps leaders establish Best Managed practices through introspection, foresight and collaboration.

Major topics for discussion

  • Strategy and vision
  • Operations and lean management, resource integration, innovation and an intelligent approach to risk
  • Leadership, talent development and corporate culture
  • Governance structure, financial management, financial and operational performance



  • Participants will be asked to complete self-evaluations before the meeting. They then need to fill out the registration form, and give a presentation on their overall management and specific practices, including advantages and areas for improvement
  • The CEO and executive team must lead the presentation and attend the meeting
  • Coaches introduce the review and selection requirements
  • Exchange ideas to confirm or revise registration information and clarify management improvement plans
  • In-depth discussion on specialist topics
  • Validation of materials

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