Outlast and outperform

Insights from Global most successful companies

'Outlast and outperform: Insights from Canada’s most successful companies' is the 25th-anniversary report of the Best Managed Companies (BMC) Program Canada team. In this report, one can discover not only the essence of management but also the core of the BMC program. Through careful analysis of this report, we will summarize hot topics in the area of international management and provide solutions accordingly.

About the report

Outlast and outperform: Insights from Canada’s most successful companies is published by BMC Canada team and translated by BMC China team. Management practice data in this report provide guidance for companies' future development.

Though it can be predicted that more challenges and opportunities will occur in the future business environment, we can figure out suitable solutions by analyzing successful private companies in the past 25 years. To achieve that, this report imitated the functioning process of a cine-projector. This report is divided into three parts: Look back, Think over and Look forward-just like the three push-buttons of rewind, pause and fast forward on a cine-projector.

Rewind: Look back

When putting together the management data of BMC awarded companies and other randomly selected companies in the time period of 1993 to 2017, it is obvious that BMC companies performed better. Historical data justified BMC companies leading role in different industries.

Pause: Think over

Besides data, the true secret of management success will be discussed in this section. Empirical and quantified evidence will be provided to testify the different results of different management systems. 

Fast Forwarding: Look forward

Like how the economic environment fluctuated over the past 25 years, the future development path of a company will also experience unexpected ups and downs unless managed reasonably. BMC team can provide professional suggestions basing on its experience and unique insights in different industries.

25 year Anniversary Historical Path

1990, the year of monetary tightening policy and crises in many big companies. Many private enterprises in Canada began to realize the importance of management as there are only 33% of employees who know how to use computers to improve their productivity. A boost in productivity can be achieved by improving management systems.

BMC program started in 1993. Among its first year winners, 6 companies including Boston Pizza are still winners in the year of 2018.

Today, more and more companies benefit from good management systems. Together with the establishment of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the development of high technology, the power of company management begin to unveil. For instance, manufacturers in Canada employed 300 thousand fewer employees in 2018 than in the mid-1990s.

The following analysis regarding the report will further explore the magic of management.

Key points

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