Due Diligence in the Digital Age

Introducing the Deloitte Diligence Insights (DI) Platform

As organizations continue to adopt, enhance, and grow their business ecosystems, managing resources, operational efficiency and risks have become more complex. Many of them rely on due diligence to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, vendors, distributors, partners and transaction counterparties. 

Deloitte China Financial Advisory is launching the Diligence Insights (DI) Platform to transform the traditional Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and due diligence operation. Our innovative solution serves as an automated intelligence gathering utility that streamlines the screening, verification and monitoring of individual and corporate stakeholders on an ad-hoc or continuous basis. 

This helps companies screen customers and business partners, perform ongoing monitoring, mitigate compliance risk and gain deeper insights into their business in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Solution Highlights

Fast Screening & Data Sourcing

The DI Platform automatically gathers information from various public websites and third party proprietary databases using the latest automation technologies, such as Advanced APIs, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Example automated procedures include:

  • Company registry verification
  • Sanctions screening & adverse media search
  • Global & national compliance check
  • National & local litigation check



Global Coverage, Local Focus

The solution is data source agnostic and can consolidate search results from numerous global proprietary databases, data aggregators and web engines, and perform auto-discounting for further handling.

The platform also incorporates hundreds of Chinese domestic media, compliance and litigations sources, which provide additional insights into the Chinese market.


Information Processing

The platform uses a combination of automation and cognitive technology to process information mimicking human actions and judgments, such as:

  • Discounting false positive sanctions screening hits
  • Identifying negative news from media search results
  • Corroborating identity with facial recognition
  • Reading and extracting information from ID documents and forms
  • Generating reports for next level review


Network Analytics & Visualization

Connecting the dots with the proliferation of data eco-systems to uncover potential conflicts of interest and other hidden risk factors through:

  • Mapping internal data with external data
  • Overlaying transaction data with KYC or CDD information
  • Building a holistic risk profile view



Flexible Deployment Model

All the functionalities within the platform are modularized and can be tailored to meet different engagement and client needs.

The platform can be hosted within Deloitte infrastructure or offered via a subscription model or be deployed in-house (on client's infrastructure) on a managed service basis.


Relevant Use Cases

The solution is suitable for following needs:

  • Customer onboarding / KYC compliance
  • Employee screening
  • Third party due diligence
  • Financial crime analytics
  • Fraud, waste and abuse investigation
  • Pre-transaction screening

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