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We provide a wide range of proactive and reactive solutions for an organization's financial crisis management and response. We have extensive experience in assisting clients to deal with increasingly complex regulatory requirements and business environments and the challenges which may arise in connection with fraud, financial crime and disputes. We offer a holistic approach which combines the depth and the breadth of our capabilities – including industry knowledge, forensic investigative skills, advanced analytics and technology tools.


In Deloitte Forensic, we deploy sophisticated analytics approaches and leverage the experience of our investigative teams to gain a deeper and more complete understanding of what has occurred in the context of fraud, corruption and other financial crime. We can provide data analytics results by visualization and assist clients to interpret with Deloitte insights. Areas where forensic data analytics can be applied include anti-bribery/ corruption, anti-money laundering, “Know your clients” (KYC), sanctions, transaction monitoring, fraud detection, financial due diligence and risk assessment.

Anti-bribery/corruption Advisory

Multinational corporations operating across borders face a myriad of compliance risks and challenges due to different legislations, some have extra-terrestrial implications, and diverse culture in its workforce. It is always better to proactively manage these risks before they become detrimental. We can assist corporations to implement or improve their anti-bribery/corruption mechanisms, specific to their compliance requirements.

Business Intelligence Services

Being fully informed means better decision making. Whether it is a potential business or joint venture partner, counter party of a litigation, a new customer or vendor or a prospective senior employee, we assist our clients with the right intelligence to mitigate risks of the unknown.

Our services include integrity due diligence, customer/vendor due diligence and executive vetting.


Computer Forensics and Discovery

We assist companies to solve their toughest discovery challenges and improve their discovery processes, programs and technology by providing the full spectrum of services including computer forensics and discovery. We work with our clients to develop cost control and risk mitigation strategies that apply throughout the discovery process, including culling and document-identification strategies, assisting with early case assessments, and utilizing predictive coding and text categorization.

Corporate Investigations

We assist organizations and/or their lawyers to act quickly in dealing with regulatory actions and concerns, or sensitive internal investigations into fraud, corruption and misconduct. From large scale international fraud involving the tracing of cross border transactions to local irregularities such as employee infidelity and procurement fraud, we assist clients in managing forensic issues and focusing on outcomes that address asset recovery, reputation protection and prevention.

Dispute Resolution

In a complex business disputes, we work with organizations and their lawyers, across a range of jurisdictions. We provide general litigation support as well as acting as Expert Witness. Services including assessments of disputed transactions and their financial effects, assessment of party risk, identification of documents to be requested through the discovery process, assistance in security for cost applications, assistance to lawyers for cross-examination, critical assessments of the reports of other experts and general strategic litigation advice.

Financial Crime Solutions

Our experienced and dedicated financial crime professionals, provide advice to the international and domestic banking and financial services industries, as well as to various regulatory authorities. Our depth of experience in financial crime include but are not limited to, risk assessments, process reviews and remediation, advisory and regulatory compliance, detection system and rule design, financial crime investigations and deep dive client account reviews.

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Fraud Risk Management

The risk of fraud is inherent in every organization regardless of size and industry. Those charged with governance and management in an organization share the responsibility to ensure proactive measures are in place to address the risk of fraud including periodic risk assessments, robust compliance programs and risk mitigation plans. The earlier an organization identify the red flags of fraud, the less susceptible it is to investigation and other associated costs and risks. Benefits for organizations include improvements in business performance by enhancing its ability to prevent, deter and detect fraud and illegal acts.

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Emmanuel Vignal

Emmanuel Vignal

Forensic Leader
Partner, Deloitte Forensic

Professional background Emmanuel is the Leader of Deloitte Forensic in China. He helps clients deal with complex issues of fraud, bribery, and regulatory compliance. He has over 27 years of experience... More