Automation is here to stay


Automation is here to stay…but what about your workforce?

Preparing your organization for the new worker ecosystem

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers great potential for businesses to get smarter and more efficient. Successful organisations will be those who embrace the change associated with this innovation, and refocus their workforce to maximise the value from this initiative.

The report outlines a roadmap for you to deploy RPA within your organisation. It indicates that companies that are not already considering automation as a component of a broader worker ecosystem will miss significant opportunities for efficiency, quality enhancement, risk mitigation, innovation, and ultimately growth.

Key findings enable you to:

  • determine what processes are ideally suited for RPA, and understand how RPA will impact your workforce.
  • establish appropriate change management and governance processes, and get executive buy-in to facilitate deployment.
  • design an organisational structure that clearly defines roles and responsibilities, and measurable goals for your new worker ecosystem.
  • redefine performance management for the new workforce to encourage continual improvement, and ensure best possible outcomes.

This report is the first in a series of upcoming reports looking at automation in Financial Services. Other recent Deloitte reports on this topic include:

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