Roundtable: Actuarial Transformation

How can we give management better insights to steer their business within a faster time-frame?

20 October 2021

The actuarial industry has been developing from the increasing pressures of regulators. There has been a growing need for quicker pricing but also dynamic pricing. These insights are crucial to give management the means to direct and help their businesses.

Deloitte Actuarial and Insurance Solutions Partner Simon Dai facilitated the virtual roundtable discussion with other industry leader organized by Asia Risk on the evolutions of the actuarial industry, the importance of technology, and regulatory impacts, including:

  • The evolution of the actuarial industry and current challenges
  • The need a COVID environment has created for digital transformation in actuarial systems
  • How to effectively adapt to new technological, market, and consumer complexities with better, more dynamic pricing?
  • How do you foresee your pricing/reserving/valuation process changing due to IFRS17?

The session was held virtually on 20 October 2021 2pm.

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Stanley Dai

Stanley Dai

Deloitte China Deputy CEO
Deloitte China Chief Strategy Officer
Deloitte Consulting China National Managing Partner
Member of China Management Team
Global Consulting Executive Committee

Stanley Dai is Deloitte China Deputy CEO, Deloitte China Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte Consulting China National Managing Partner, member of China Management Team and Global Consulting Executive Co... More

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