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Deloitte China won the Second Prize of 2021 Science and Technology Progress Award of Zhejiang Province

Published date: 13 July 2022

In the afternoon of 11 July 2022, the 2021 Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Conference of Zhejiang Province was held in the Great Hall of the People of Zhejiang Province. The joint project team composed of Zhejiang Lab, Shanghai International Studies University and Deloitte China won the second prize of the 2021 Science and Technology Progress Award of Zhejiang Province. The award has been officially announced on the official website of Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province.

At the scene of 2021 Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Conference of Zhejiang Province


The series of Science and Technology Award of Zhejiang Province is a provincial-level scientific and technological innovation award project initiated and managed by the Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province. Every year, scientific research institutions, universities and leading enterprises from all over the country will team up to compete for this award.

Dora Liu, Deputy CEO and Chief Transformation Officer of Deloitte China, said that the joint effort between Deloitte China and two strong research and education institutions fully reflects Deloitte China’s mature accumulation and overall synergy in cutting-edge technology and digital innovation ecology. That this has further strengthened Deloitte China’s mission and responsibility to promote the transformation of national scientific and technological achievements and the development of science and technology economy.

Steven Feng, Partner of Deloitte China Innovation Department and Greenhouse, said that Deloitte China has been working hard in cutting-edge technology and digital innovation for a long time. That this joint award is part of the technology promotion and translation project. He believes that today’s success is also the beginning of tomorrow. Innovation Department will continue to work with Deloitte's internal business network and external ecosystem alliances to drive cutting-edge technology and digitalization to lead the way in business transformation.

The scientific and technological achievement jointly declared this time is "Key Technologies and Applications of Intelligent Human-Machine Dialogue in High Throughput and Low Latency Scenarios". The core of the achievement is affective computing, which is considered to be the focus of the development of the next generation of artificial intelligence. The affective computing technology declared this time is multimodal fusion, which is the most advanced but extremely difficult type in the industry. This technology solves the problem that artificial intelligence has always encountered in emotional perception, recognition and feedback, which is in lack of a comprehensive judgment of multi-sensory information. In collaboration with Zhejiang Lab and Shanghai International Studies University, Deloitte China will be committed to applying multimodal fusion affective computing technology to scenarios such as next-generation intelligent education systems, human-vehicle interaction systems, and integrated customer service robot systems, so as to achieve a new human-computer interaction experience with "emotional temperature".

Schematic diagram of data-knowledge-driven multimodal fusion perceptual understanding technology (Source: Zhejiang Lab)


Schematic diagram of anthropomorphic dialogue generation technology based on deep contextual understanding (Source: Zhejiang Lab)


Regarding the deepening of this technical cooperation, Youyou Lai, Managing Partner of Deloitte China Innovation & Digital Development Center, said that for the next step, they will work more closely with Innovation Department to jointly connect with Zhejiang Lab and Shanghai International Studies University. To explore broader applications around related technologies together, and demonstrate Deloitte's all-round strength in innovation and digitalization to the market.

This time in the process of technology research and transformation, Deloitte China Innovation Department has been deeply involved as an important source of Deloitte China's knowledge in cutting-edge technology field. Under the leadership of Zhejiang Lab, the three parties have jointly published a number of academic papers and critical articles on related topics. At the same time, Innovation & Digital Development Center serves as the core of the technology transformation and application, and carries out industrialization and commercialization through internal and external collaboration. We are keen to convey the needs of industry to the scientific community and help companies better understand the commercial profit of technology. Ultimately, it will contribute to improving the country's economic efficiency and people's quality of life.

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