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Reliable financial statements are the backbone of global finance and equity markets. They effectively assist professionals such as investors, lenders, managers, and regulators to evaluate a company. However, the fraud in financial statements has increasingly threatened the robustness of the finance market. Inaccurate reports lead investors to make undesirable decisions, thus disrupting the financial analysis of institutions and creating the uncertainties for investment and business development.

As traditional methods of financial reporting analysis cannot detect financial statement fraud effectively, to safeguard our clients from victimizing in financial statement fraud, Deloitte has accordingly developed iDOU accordingly, a new digital asset powered by motivation-based analysis. 

Key values for clients

Powered by motivational analytics, iDOU combines specialists' experience and data analysis techniques to evaluate the risks of financial reporting fraud through monitoring of data characteristics and companies' relevant behaviors, thus considerably improving fraud prevention efficiency.  

How it works

Based on the insights from industry specialists, iDOU helps identify risk events more accurately using a three-pronged approach.

First, iDOU's capability to do financial statements analysis is built on Deloitte's abundant audit experience. It is capable of collecting fraud cases, concluding industry key points, and documenting industrial principles and administrative regulations.

Next, iDOU combines artificial intelligence technology with data analysis to effectively solve issues in complex, dynamic networks by digging into, which is able to mine the data from the scores of messages.

Meanwhile, the automated platform significantly reduces the waste of human resources with the elimination of errors and omissions.

Finally, iDOU offers customized, multi-layer solutions for clients with special business needs and helps them improve efficiency in financial management.

Successful case

A securities trader was uncertain whether to invest in a company or not. After analyzing the target, Deloitte commented that the company's suspicion in financial statements for three consecutive years was found. To avoid fraud risks, the client has revoked the investment plan. As expected, the exchange asked the company to explain its abnormal financial situation. Deloitte successfully helped the client eschew the risk of millions of capital losses.

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