Fast Pass empowers business audit process

In the digital era, rapid business operations require more precise auditing process. For example, some companies introduce various incentives or review policies for different market or management needs. However, the difference and complexity of review logic lead to inefficient manual auditing, hampering the implementation of these policies to result in low efficiency and effectiveness.

To help companies address this challenge, Deloitte have launched an AI auditing platform Fast Pass.

Asset value

Fast Pass provides efficient and accurate business data auditing, and generates multi-dimensional data analysis report to significantly enhance companies' auditing efficiency. This platform enables project scheduling, process control and quality management to be intelligent and visualized while safeguarding data.

Operation process

With information identification as the core, Fast Pass can identify multiple types of documents, extract complex data such as registration license and product model from application materials, and continually improve accuracy through deep learning.

Upon identification, Fast Pass automatically archives data in alignment with auditing standards, to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Successful case

In order to create more business opportunities, a Fortune Global 500 auto company developed incentives to promote sales through exhibitions and advertisements. However, dealers were required to submit large amount of and various types of materials to the auto company for review. Since different models/dealers may apply to different policies, manual review is always inefficient and error-prone as the materials need to be reviewed are increasing and diversifying.

Based on AI and natural language processing, Fast Pass provides highly efficient support for receipt audit, improving the efficiency by more than 50%.

Fast Pass significantly improves audit efficiency while reducing labour and time costs, becoming an indispensable assistant in digital transformation!

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