Conversational AI is Reshaping the Human-machine Interaction

Speech-based interaction is gradually becoming the mainstream of human-machine interaction in the digital era. Meanwhile, the continuous innovating breakthrough in AI (artificial intelligence) has been the focus for technical research across the globe. Deloitte survey indicates that the global AI market has reached USD1.9 trillion by 2019 and is expected to exceed USD6 trillion by 2025, with a compound growth rate of 30% from 2017 to 2025. This rapid AI development provides theoretical and technical support for human-machine interaction. As a result, Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI), the combination of AI and human-machine interaction, lowers the barrier to interaction, expands the user base, and demonstrates broad use cases and unlimited commercial values in various sectors. At this critical point of the rapid enhancement of CAI, Deloitte releases Deloitte Conversational Artificial Intelligence White Paper, elaborating Deloitte's insights on CAI technology and application solutions across industries, and introducing four visions for CAI, designing the future of work, reshaping the future of life, breaking the barrier of language, and connecting human and machine.

The white paper is created by Deloitte AI Institute. Combined with Deloitte’s customer service experience in chatbots, it gives an in-depth analysis on the application scenarios in various industries, puts forward CAI's main challenges and technical paths, and promotes its implementation in an effective manner.

CAI technology combines natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to understand human languages and emotions, capture early alerts, and provide intelligent responses. Its development has been driven by algorithms, computing power, government policies, and user demands, and achieved the progressive milestone in recent years. Deloitte discovers that CAI adds significant values to traditional industries, advantages including high efficiency and standardization nowadays and shifting to diversification and customization in the future.

From the perspective of business application, Deloitte focuses on the scenarios of financial services, healthcare, automobile and education industries, and dives into CAI's commercial value in improving enterprise operation efficiency, saving costs and enabling new business models. In addition, Deloitte gives an in-depth analysis on intelligent customer service, one of the most widely adopted applications of CAI. With a wealth of industry cases, Deloitte sees the potential to increase the diversity of intelligent customer service and the synergy with other interactive methods. As a result, Deloitte proposes three new models of human-machine interaction, together with the data science platform, to enhance the advantages of intelligent customer service for organizations. From the perspective of technical implementation, Deloitte has explored the full landscape of CAI deployment and categorized applications based on the recall rate and accuracy rate. With its extensive implementation experience on chatbots, Deloitte provides exclusive and practical solutions to address the industry pain points, helping organizations carry out digital transformation.

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