Deloitte Innovation Forum on Finance Transformation successfully concluded


Deloitte Innovation Forum series on "How Disruptive Technologies Enable Transformation under Corporate Finance Challenges" have been successfully concluded. The forum series were held in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing, bringing altogether nearly 200 CFOs and finance executives.

Deloitte experts shared their insights on current corporate finance challenges and future trends, and elaborated on nine leading Innovation Assets on transformation toward intelligent corporate finance. The guests actively engaged in the discussion with Deloitte experts regarding the key issues and assets on finance transformation. 


Forum highlights

【Keynote speech】Predictions 2025:Finance in a digital world

Keynote speakers reviewed major changes in the past and looked ahead into future finance work in 2025. Future finance will go beyond traditional functions to focus more on business insights and services, facilitating the integration of business and finance. The widespread use of technologies such as mobile tools, digital models and analytics will unleash human capacity significantly for further development, thanks to an optimized combination of humans, robotic process automation, and computer algorithms. Companies will face an increasing demand for talents with both digital technology knowledge and business skills. In the meantime, real-time reporting will become an industry trend as the volume of data keeps growing exponentially, which will disrupt traditional finance work.

Keynote speech

【New leasing standards and innovation assets】

Deloitte experts compared IFRS16, USGAAP, and PRC GAAP, pointing out their potential impacts on corporate finance data, business process, and system integration. Effective innovation assets were also introduced to guide corporates in coping with finance challenges. Smart Lease Solution provides a comprehensive solution for leasing standards conversion to enable accurate conversion for clients. Leasing Accounting Platform can automatically identify leasing accounting as per IFRS16 and then convert the accounting information, with related outcomes generated and exported in the system. It can also be integrated with the downstream ERP or reporting system.

New leasing standards

【Other Deloitte enterprise finance transformation solutions】

Traditional finance work is facing major changes. Deloitte Innovative Assets provide effective solutions to financial processes, role functions, resource allocation, information and data integration and other corporate tasks, in response to the urgent need for finance transformation.  

Insight EVR provides automated export tax refund data processing to reduce repetitive manual work, therefore improving efficiency and controlling risks.

Insight EVR

The 4th Report is a performance-based report with non-financial data at the core to provide a more comprehensive evaluation system and deeper management insights, focusing on the value of data asset.

The 4th Report

Advanced financial analytics platform fully integrates cutting-edge technologies in data analysis to provide strong support to strategic decision-making through financial analytics.

Advanced Financial Analytics Platform

Service Operation Platform starts with safeguarding operation mode, in order to help clients transform in SSC organization structure, shared operation and performance visualization.

Service Operation Platform

Process Bionics takes advantages of visualization and digital process imprinting reproduction to help enterprises analyze and identify hidden problems in the process.

Process Bionics

Business Digital Hub provides a spectrum of back office services including strategic decisions, growth planning, financial management, and technology selection.

Business Digital Hub

Intelligent Finance Robot can support more complex business scenarios with technologies such as natural language processing, voice recognition, and machine learning.

Intelligent Finance Robot


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