Greenhouse 3rd Anniversary: Leading ahead to make an impact

On 27 February 2017, Deloitte opened its first Greenhouse in Shanghai, China with a Chinese name of “勤创空间". Over three years of innovation and development, China Greenhouse, upholding our purpose - “Making an impact that matters” and guided by the “4+1” culture of Courage, Innovation, Inclusion, Wellbeing, Integrity”, has leveraged innovative methodologies and mindset to help enterprises address complex business challenges, stay ahead of industry changes and expand innovation ecosystems to achieve faster breakthroughs. 

"To simplify as the autumn tree, and to stand out as the February flower". As we look back to China Greenhouse’s three years of fruitful achievements, we also envision that it will continue exploring the unique path to take the lead at the forefront of innovation.

Local roots, global reach

Deloitte’s Greenhouses are cutting-edge physical spaces located around the world. By leveraging immersive environment set up, tested lab methodology design, and innovative facilitation techniques, Greenhouse helps clients better explore the possibility of future. In the meantime, China Greenhouse tightly in line with the needs of local market to propose a SPEED SET Model - Speed to Sense, Speed to Engage, and Speed to Transform based on its in-depth insights on industry trends and strong connections with ecosystem partners, that leverages Deloitte’s integrated professional capabilities in technology and innovation to help enterprises speed up their deployment of innovations.

In response to Deloitte Global’s Tilt to Asia strategy, China Greenhouse has actively worked with the Global network and leveraged resources of nearly 40 Greenhouses around the globe to localize lab solutions in line with the needs of clients in Asia and those specifically tailored for the Chinese market, seeking to help enterprises capture opportunities brought about by the global economic shift from the West to the East.

Empowering industry to stay ahead of change

China Greenhouse works with industry leading clients to explore business challenges and gain insights on hot topics and cutting-edge technology trends in the digital era. By delivering thematic labs, China Greenhouse helps industry leaders lead in industry trends, and be the leaders for the future of disruptive changes.

Industry hot topics & popular labs

Greenhouse lab solutions

By leveraging the collaboration with Global Greenhouse network resources, China Greenhouse is dedicated to design customized labs for clients. Combining the three pillars of environment, elements and approach with high-tech interactive experience, China Greenhouse assists clients to stimulate innovative ideas, build consensus and action plans, and focus on innovative transformation initiatives and paths to create a win-win innovation ecosystem. 

Making an impact that matters

China Greenhouse has been taking an active initiative on the "Think. Create. Do." approach to constantly enhance Deloitte's visibility in governments and clients in different industries. With a strong presence at China International Import Expo, 2019 Deloitte Innovation Summit, China Entrepreneurs Summit, Singularity University Global Summit and other major conferences in China and around the globe. By embedding lab simulation experience, China Greenhouse actively assists industry-leading enterprises and talents to stimulate innovation mindset, inspire creative thinking and ideas, and make an impact that matters to become world-class enterprises and talents. By virtue of its extensive innovative achievements, China Greenhouse team was awarded as winner of the "2017-2018 Shanghai Certified Public Accountant Industry Youth Model Unit Award".

China International Import Expo

By showcasing Deloitte’s innovation concepts, China Greenhouse created a visualized overview of six expertly designed hot topics — Fintech, AI, Cyber Security, Future of Work, Future of Retail and Smart City/Future of Mobility — within a single frame, a major highlight of the Deloitte booth capturing attention from participants and medias.

2019 Deloitte Innovation Summit

Leveraging a creative booth, China Greenhouse showcased a combination of high-tech experience and lab solutions at the summit, and provided three hot lab simulation sessions: Future of Leadership, Future of Finance and Digital Transformation for the sub-forum, with highly interactive elements to stimulate in-depth thinking of participants. 

China Entrepreneurs Summit


As Deloitte has been a strategic partner of China Entrepreneur Magazine for years, Greenhouse team, at the China Entrepreneurs Summit, joined hands with CXO Lab and Digital Lab teams to present exciting highlights and high-tech experience of the two signature labs, which aroused cheerful inspirations in innovative ideas from entrepreneurs.

Singularity University Global Summit

China Greenhouse was invited as a graphic recorder to capture key insights of each keynote speech at the SU Global Summit held in San Francisco. It was the first time SU using an official graphic recorder at its global summit, as a showcase of how visual technology adds value to high-end summits. 


Look ahead

As Deloitte China’s innovation sensing and acceleration platform, China Greenhouse not only undertakes to enhance innovation capability of our professional teams, but also to explore the forefront of innovation together with clients and ecosystem partners. Leveraging Deloitte’s Greenhouse network resources, China Greenhouse will continue developing a variety of thematic labs tailored for the Chinese market to help enterprises innovate, transform and excel globally and locally.

In the meantime, as more and more enterprises are setting up dedicated innovation teams or innovation centers, China Greenhouse will also work to promote exchanges among innovation teams from different sectors and share experience and pain points in business model, ecosystem alliance and incubation mechanism for technological innovation on a regular basis to inspire exploration of greater possibilities. 

Moreover, as an innovation-sensing platform connecting Deloitte functions and external ecosystem partners, China Greenhouse will take on the responsibility to empower social development through innovation. Committed to serving China’s national strategies, we will work closely with enterprises, governments, academia, incubators, technology companies and many other ecosystem partners to promote the collaborative development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, the integrated development of Yangtze River Delta and the construction of Greater Bay Area, leveraging our global network strength to help China enterprises go global and bring in foreign enterprises to build a global innovation ecosystem alliance model.


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