Real Estate


Achieving excellence in the real estate industry means you need to keep pace with frequent and fundamental changes in the business environment while contending with the limitations imposed by the inherently longer term nature of the real estate investment cycle. These include:

  • changes in economic conditions
  • changes in tax laws and regulations
  • changes in investment regulations.

Typically these changes create opportunities for value creation and pose significant risks. The most successful companies manage to navigate these factors and balance the twin objectives of profit maximisation and risk mitigation.

How Deloitte can help

Deloitte China Real Estate Industry Practice offers a wide range of services to support clients in making better business decisions, strengthening their financial operating processes, enhancing the quality of reporting to stakeholders and developing and executing strategic initiatives.   Services such as risk management, financial and corporate governance, regulatory compliance, technology solutions and tax planning are all included in our core competencies.

We serve all types of client within the real estate industry, including:

  • Property developers
Capital Providers
  • Investors / owners
  • Listed property funds / REITS
  • Private property funds


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