Is your IT environment compromised, but you don’t know it?

Deloitte’s Compromise Assessment & Threat Hunting, now with VMware Carbon Black products

Cyber detection challenges

In a typical cyber attack, threat actors can be concealed within your  infrastructure, undetected for weeks or months, ex-filtrating critical  information. Statistics show that the earlier a cyber incident can be  detected, the lower the effort and cost required for remediation and  recovery. However, many organizations do not have the capability,  resources or time to proactively hunt for threats before they become a  crisis.

So we’ve created a solution

Deloitte’s Compromise Assessment & Threat Hunting is a technical  breach detection service that helps you identify hidden compromised  systems and hosts in your environment before (proactive), during  (reactive) or after (post-incident) incident response.

Combining our strengths with VMware Carbon Black

Deloitte understands an effective cyber threat hunting service requires not just a skilled incident response team with practical experience,  but also the support of powerful endpoint technologies. Deloitte became an alliance partner of VMware Carbon Black in 2019 to provide  threat hunting, incident response and other cyber advisory services with VMWare Carbon Black’s market-leading endpoint protection and  EDR products.

How we can help

During Cyber Incident Response – Our  experienced cyber incident response team uses  effective tools to swiftly detect, analyze and contain  cyber threats in your environment and help your  business recover during a cyber crisis.

Proactive/Post-incident Compromise Assessment – We  deliver proactive one-time assessments to identify hidden  compromised systems and detect threats that have bypassed  your cyber defenses and detection controls.

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response  (EDR) Service – We provide 24/7 year-round  monitoring and threat hunting services across your  endpoints to protect your business from evolving  cyber threats.

Solutions Consulting & System Integration – We help you  deploy and seamlessly integrate VMware Carbon Black’s market  leading products and solutions. Our advisory and integration  services are based not just on our knowledge of these products,  but also our past cyber investigation and threat hunting  experience, setting us apart from traditional system integrators.

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