Digital media delivery evaluation and optimization seminar successfully held in shanghai

On May 17th, the “Digital Media Delivery Evaluation and Optimization Seminar” jointly organized by Deloitte and ChiefClouds was successfully held in Shanghai. Samuel Wong, Jacky Zhu, Johnny He, Huayi Cheng, Wang Yuefeng, Dr. Wu Fa, Ming Tang attended the seminar, and delivered wonderful speeches.

The seminar brought together a number of digital media industry scholars, media experts, brand owners and solution providers. Everyone shared their knowledge and experience in their respective fields of expertise. The atmosphere of the live discussion was warm and the audience was deeply informed: Digital media delivery trends, better digital media evaluation and optimized management system, the latest digital media evaluation and optimization technology and practice. It is believed that this seminar can better help enterprises to explore means of quality evaluation and performance optimization of their digital media from the perspectives of industrial trends, methodology, technology and practical experience.

Samuel Wong, Johnny He, Jacky Zhu giving speeches. (From left to right)

At the beginning of the seminar, Samuel Wong, Deloitte China Risk Advisory National Managing Partner, gave a opening speech and expressed his welcome and gratitude to all the guests, and introduced that Deloitte Global not only has a mature and full service framework, Deloitte China has also provided digital advertising optimization services for many brands through leading technologies such as big data for years. Meanwhile, Deloitte Risk Advisory also gives full play to its professional advantages and provides risk advisory service at reputation, finance, technology and information security management.

In the first keynote speech, Professor Du Guoqing shared on “Digital Media Industry Trends”. Professor Du Guoqing took the overall economic situation as an entry point and analyzed the changes in the marketing budget, media strategy and tactics of current advertisers. She pointed out that digital media is already the main delivery of advertisers and the proportion is expected to reach 41% this year. However, in the “uncertain” market environment, advertisers need “determined” delivery effects, and lack of objective evaluation data, making it difficult for advertisers to evaluate the effects. This also allows advertisers to consider the specific effects of digital media in depth, and demand to meet the digital marketing revolution.

Professor Du Guoqing, YueFeng Wang, Huayi Cheng giving speeches (From left to right)

In the digital age, how does the brand side respond to the challenges of media placement? Yuefeng Wang pointed out that in the intricate chain of marketing services, brands should have their own monitoring platform as much as possible to avoid multi-interests, and measure data through non-stakeholders. More realistic and effective evaluation, to achieve comprehensive media delivery optimization - find high-quality media, find more accurate high-value customers, find invalid traffic, find the most effective user path, etc., thereby improve conversion, comprehensively improve media delivery efficiency and effectiveness.

Johnny He also expressed the necessity of the brand dealer to establish a first-hand database. He believes that under the trend of digital media delivery, the brand dealer will also face more potential risks while benefiting, and pointed out that Deloitte can provide the brand dealer before the launch. After the implementation and delivery, the overall service will help the brand to avoid the potential risks of digital media placement. From the perspective of the first party, the whole process will provide media full analysis and identification for the brand dealer through traffic data collection, rule construction and data analysis, and identify the best conversion path. Johnny He particularly emphasized that in Deloitte's digital media evaluation project, evaluation is not an end, but to help the brand dealer to make better follow-up transformations, such as through data accumulation, enriching customer portraits, optimizing customer service, and thus creating more value.

Huayi Cheng shared the data assetization with the guests. He pointed out that the brand dealer is uncontrollable for the data to be delivered, which makes it difficult to rationally optimize the delivery strategy in the first time. Therefore, it is better to establish its own first-party media database. Improve the input-output ratio. Huayi Cheng introduced the digital media monitoring and optimization service cooperated with Deloitte. The consumer-centric enterprise-level big data intelligent platform, through the construction of LEGO product structure, efficiently realize personalized needs, and truly help the brand dealer to improve consumption conversion rate.

Panel discussions: Professor Du Guoqing, Yuefeng Wang, Dr.Wu Fan, Ming Tang, Johnny He.(From left to right)

During the seminar, the guests answered the questions from the brand dealers and reached a consensus. In the trend of digital transformation, the brand dealer's market advertising department is no longer the cost department, but should position itself as the “investment department”. How to create more value for the brand through online data, is the brand's current need to respond quickly. Through a neutral professional organization such as Deloitte, the brand dealers can establish its own first-party database, avoid potential risks and adjust the direction in a timely manner, instead of obtaining operational reports when the campaigns are over already.

Group photo: Johnny He, Yuefeng Wang, Huayi Cheng, Jacky Zhu, Dr.Wu Fan, Professor Du Guoqing, Ming Tang. (From left to right)

At the end of the seminar, Jacky Zhu delivered a closing speech at the three levels of the theme of the seminar “New Ecosystem, Cooperation, and Commitment”. Jacky Zhu pointed out that under the new ecosystem, everything is changing at a high speed. Every day, new players join. Deloitte expects to work together with more partners to give full play to their respective advantages and continuously optimize the digital media evaluation technology and management system. Under the new situation, the brand dealers will maximize the value of advertising.

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