Expense Management Solution

Enterprises always put a lot of energy and resources into the daily operation of expense reimbursement management to deal with plenty of documents and prevent expense fraud. How to identify potential risks from a large number of expense reimbursement documents accurately has become a major problem that affects the efficiency of corporate management.

About D.Speed

D.Speed, Deloitte expense management solutions, is a one-stop platform which covers the whole process in the field of expense reimbursement. Combined with the analysis model and empirical data accumulated from Deloitte's long-term practice, it can improve the expense reimbursement review efficiency and target risks accurately through intelligent tools. 

Key Advantages of D.Speed

01  Expense Reimbursement Process  · Universal Coverage

The four main functions of business department expense claim application, financial review, compliance inspection, and management report are integrated into D.Speed, seamlessly docking with the existing business system. On the basis of realizing document review and inspection, D.Speed is able to achieve the requirements of various internal data collation and report from enterprises.

02  Industry Experience · Well Implementation and Delivery

Deloitte's extensive experience in compliance service field coupled with artificial intelligence inspection methods can help companies detect potential risks, fraud and abnormal activities, and enable finance team to identify problems in the process of reviewing documents in a timely manner.

03  Information Gathering · Efficiency Boosting

The function of loading return and appeal after order review subvert traditional communication model significantly reducing communication burden for business and financial compliance staff and realizing the integration of information aggregation, interaction, inspection, approval, and reporting.

By incorporating Deloitte’s practical management experience and smart operation solutions, D.Speed helps companies solve expense management problems and improve operation efficiency. We look forward to your cooperation.

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